First video from CDP RED Cyberpunk RPG

Recording of first CDP RED Cyberpunk RPG presentation

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DaThreats2424d ago

Please hold your Orgasms

Forbidden_Darkness2424d ago

Too late, I just exploded all up in my pants yo...

PerpetualMathx102424d ago

this looks radd as hell! this shot up to number one on my list of interest, really excited to see them show off this game. whenever that may be.

GoldenGamer2424d ago

Would have been nice to see some footage even if it was early days

b_one2424d ago

lol, they didnt even told on what platforms it will be released

kevnb2424d ago

I think PC and Xbox is a given, maybe ps3 too.

b_one2424d ago

there was NO actual platforms mentioned.

knicz2424d ago

No, there was, on previous conference with release date pinned to 2013/2014

b_one2424d ago

knicz, im thinking why they didnt mention platforms now :>

mistajeff2424d ago

I think it's safe to assume that Witcher 3 would be the other RPG

JohnApocalypse2424d ago

Will this be coming out on consoles?

mistajeff2424d ago

Back in Feb they mentioned simultaneous PC and next gen console releases for their two upcoming games