Wal-Mart will only sell Blu-Ray players in store according to CNN

CNN is now reporting that Walmart will only sell Blu ray players in stores. This is coming stright from CNN a site acclaimed for credible news. See the video for proof


Please move to 1:12 where Walmart's decision to abandon HD DVD sales have been revealed.

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Darkiewonder4294d ago

to break this rumor up. It won't be long after half of the internet explode from this and they get non-stop calls.

sticky doja4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

The guy simply got Walmart and Target mixed up.

Also if you notice this video was originally posted January 7th, well over a week ago, don't you think we would have heard it from at least one other news source by now if it were true?

Next news story please.

sonarus4294d ago

am not sure if he got it mixed up with target but i definetly know he got it mixed up with something definetly not walmart though. WOuld have been huge.

n_n4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

if it were true

toughNAME4294d ago

but if you spend over $100 on electronics at Wal-mart you need to be shot

Cyrus3654294d ago

Alot of people purchase their Video Game system at walmart (Which is considered Electronics). And most video games systems cost most than 100 bucks...

gamesR4fun4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

wut the 360 ps3's and so forth they sell are somehow lower grade than what radio shack or future store?

has for the story...
doubt Walmart would put out a official statement about not supporting hd dvd until they are 100% sure b/r has won.. so sometime soon.

Omegasyde4294d ago

LoL. Beware: Buying Wal-mart products is at your own risk.

I returned 2 dvd players, a 19 inch tv, and finally a cheap entertainment stand to learn that lesson. Gotta love Chinese quality.

shmee4294d ago

More camps are just abandoning the DEAD SHIP

Omicronn4294d ago

He mentions walmart at 1:10 or somewhere there..
But I couldn't tell if he was just mixing up target or something else.
Seemed a strange way to bring such huge news in a conversation so small.

I'm a blu ray fan, but might want to wait till this is official, seemed way to flyby for such a huge story if its true.

shmee4294d ago

However he clearly mentioned that Walamart wont be selling HD DVD players in store BUT JUST ONLINE

xplosneer4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

If this is all true then there's no way. There was a small chance. Now there's no way.

Damn Vista I can't watch the video!

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The story is too old to be commented.