More Gran Turismo HD Screens

Sony Computer Entertainment have releases these new screens of Gran Turismo HD.

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Chewy 1015855d ago

2 Thumbs up for car models and backgrounds.
2 Thumbs down for road and grass textures.

DJ5855d ago

I concur. I was hoping that there'd be damage, but...

F1 Championship looks a lot more exciting. Out of all the racing sims across both platforms, F1 definitely takes the lead. I still can't believe that Studio Liverpool they hit their target render so quickly. I wonder how their Wipeout title is coming along.

TheMART5854d ago

So you want to see these great screenshots but then just ingame footage moving?

I guess these screenies are some kind of photomode not ingame

kmis875854d ago

The link you give is so low quality its impossible to tell anything from it. The exact same video is on ign but it looks a lot nicer because its actually a good quality vid.

LiquifiedArt5854d ago

that would acutally be Classic. If you saw the Premium Scans, it looks wayyyyyyy better.

LiquifiedArt5854d ago

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