Xbox 720: The Story So Far

Its processing power is in line with high-end PC specs, and might even eclipse them come Christmas next year

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PerpetualMathx102330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

very well put together article, enjoyed reading this to hype up my expectations for E3, possibly an announcement or info regarding some of this. Although it will most likely be simple disappointment for me though come E3 lol.

But i agree with the point made about live, in my opinion, i own a xbox360 and ps3, xbox live is superior when it comes to a streamlined experience in the online world but sony is more true to the experience. i really think xbox live needs to become a more centralized place for gaming then this costly advertisement hub.

While XBL is turning into a media hub i feel it is extremely important to keep gaming the center piece of the service and not just an option as it seems theyre are turning it into. they need to let those mobile and indie developers really utilize the service to bring the same fans onto the console while gaining new fans who already will own it and are discovering content like so many who download XBL Arcade games. Also i think the financial restrictions need to ease up to the point that some new developers can jump on board and offer new game choices like free to play downloadable games like the current pc market.

All in all i like the direction theyre trying to take the service from its humble beginnings to now, its been quite a transition but they really need to open up the service to fully utilize the full potential of the service.

OneAboveAll2330d ago

So ready for next-gen it isn't funny anymore.

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ChrisW2330d ago

I still wish they'd go for a stronger GPU to help compliment the 6 physical CPUs. But then again, a lot can already be done with the Radeon 7000 series horsepower.

vega2752330d ago

As long as its backwards compatible so I could play my old 360 games than I'm good

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