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Aeropause Writer Gives Out Best and Worst of 2007 awards

Aeropause writer, Joe Haygood, puts forth his selections for the best games in several categories. Also, Joe gives us his selection for the worst game of the year as well as the biggest disappointment of the year.

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wageslave4701d ago (Edited 4701d ago )

Game of the Year: Portal - Multi
Best FPS Game: Bioshock - Xbox 360
Best RPG Game: The Witcher - Games for Windows
Best Strategy Game: World In Conflict - Xbox 360, Games for Windows
Best Adventure Game: Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa - Games for Windows
Best Action/Platformer Game: R&C - PS3 Exclusive
Best Sports Game: Skate - Multi
Best Driving/Racing Game: DiRT - Multi
Best Xbox 360 Game: Halo 3
Best PS3 Game: R&C
Best Wii Game: SMG
Best PC Game: Bioshock
Best Graphics: Crysis - Games for Windows
Best Soundtrack: Mass Effect - Xbox 360
Best Multiplayer: Team Fortress - Multi
Worst Game of the Year: Vampire Rain - Xbox 360
Biggest Disappointment of the Year: Kayne and Lynch - Multi
Best Downloadable Content: Rock Band - Multi

So, after such a TRIUMPHANT display of victories by Xbox 360 titles will the ONLY failure or lack-of-victory (aside from R&C) show up as the PICTURE to this story.

Thus we see the VAST Sony Defense Force control of this shiatty website. Like the Lost Odyssey DLC gift from MS to pre-orders, we havea POSITIVE MS story (here, Xbox 360 cleans up in the awards) turned into a ridiculous negative.

Whoever submitted this story clearly has an agenda.

- edit -

If we were giving a score (One point for victory, multi gets one for each plat) for this :
Xbox 360 - 7 (-2?)
PS3 - 4 (-1?)
Wii 0
Games for Windows - 4

The (-X?) represents "Worst" awards. Even if those are taken into account, we end up:

Xbox 360 - 5
PS3 - 3
Wii 0
Games for Windows - 4

So, Why would we "choose" to show the Xbox 360 "negative" award if *C*L*E*A*R*L*Y* these awards want to show that the Xbox 360 had the *B*E*S*T* overall showing?

Why? Because N4G is a fantasy-land play-pen for the Sony Defense Force.