Surfer Girl: Square Enix Remaking Final Fantasy VII for PLAYSTATION Network

According to Surfer Girl, on January 14, 2007 she revealed that Square Enix is remaking games for the PLAYSTATION Network.

Today, in the comments section of one of her posts, a questioner asks how Square Enix will remake their games, and what games. Surfer Girl responded "Primarily graphical touches. I hear FF7 (again, not in that rumored all-out remake fashion that has been mention)."

If anything, I'd take both Final Fantasy VII on the PLAYSTATION Network and a full-fledged remake. If one, I'd go for the full-fledged though.

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freakyzeeky5439d ago (Edited 5439d ago )

I have a hard time believing anything Surfer Girl says... Seems like he/she likes 'confirming' unannounced projects left and right to increase his/her popularity with gamers/gaming websites...

Who knows? I hope it's true, though I'm not holding my breath...

Skerj5439d ago

I was a long time skeptic too, but (s)he WAS correct about Resistance 2, even posted up diagrams of the classes and their equipment and the mission structure. Treating this as a normal rumor still though.

n_n5439d ago

i don't care.. PSN or PS3... a remake would be awesome! hope this is true!

C_SoL5439d ago

comes out with Metal Gear Solid for PSN....

Bonsai12145439d ago

i laughed at her resistance 2 stuff. i won't be so quick to judge this one.. though i'm hoping for a straight up remake at some point though.

Guwapo775439d ago

...I'm alittle upset about this. I really don't want them to waste their time on a "half-assed" version. I want the total remake like the trailer from E3 05. I still have the PS1 FF7 disks. It's time for the real deal Holyfield!

The_Engineer5439d ago

you just described every gaming website on the net, what makes her any different??

good morning captain obvious

solidt125439d ago

I hope it is coming. I keep hearing how great this game was and it looks cool. I wanna play it.

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Darkiewonder5439d ago

Would slip out something like this. Hell, even FFXIII isn't known until they want it to be known. Really.

MADGameR5439d ago (Edited 5439d ago )

Its NOT going to be big if it goes to PSN because guess what? They will probably just put HD audio and such but no graphical improvements! FFVII HD! Don't give me that crap I want the actually REMAKE! But who knows...unless its a FFVII Online game or an actual remake of the game, I won't even bother with it.

Kugar775438d ago

the new wipeout is called Wipeout HD and that looks great so even if it got that kind of improvement, it would be awesome

lilwingman5439d ago

While I would of course prefer a ground-up remake, if this is true it'd make for the first (and only?) PSN title I purchase. Hopefully those "graphical touches" make the game at least bearable to play on the PS3: redo the character models, upgrade the environments a bit, nothing too durastic.

INehalemEXI5439d ago

I hope the characters of ff7 get like 20,000 more polygons in this one. I would make do with whatever amount they gave me though.

VigorousApathy5439d ago

Yeah how many polygons does Cloud have right now? Like 20? It's so weird since Squall looks a thousand times better, especially if you increase the resolution which you can do if you use one of the Playstation 1 emulators.

LightningPS35439d ago

If they ever do make a remake. It will be a full fledged game on Blu ray. Not a PSN game.

n_n5439d ago

i would rather have it remade with the power of the PS3... you know how amazing it would be? schmokez!