New Project Zero 2: Wii Edition Trailer

Nintendo posted a nearly six minute trailer for the Wii version of Fatal Frame 2 to the Minna no Nintendo Channel on Wii today. Take a look below.

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Eddy2232329d ago

It's a shame it's only for the wii. They need to expand the fan base and release it for more than one console.

CLOUD19832329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Wii is very cheap man u can buy one new for 110-120 euro or a used one in good condition for 70-80, that's nothing I suggest u to buy one that's what I did recently to play the super exclusives from operation rainfall project (Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandoras Tower) & some others like Monster Hunter Tri & the remake & prequel of Resident Evil 1 and now I have one more amazing game to w8 for ^__^ so I did right buying one.

Any JRPG & Horror Surviving fan must buy a Wii my PS3 disappoint me unfortunately :/ at least I can play Ni No Kuni on my PS3 when we get it here in EU in about 7 months T__T

VsAssassin2329d ago

I don't think it's about the price of the console. I believe it's all about the preference or console choice. The original Fatal Frame was a Sony game so many people got irked when this IP got Nintendo exclusive.

ThePsychoGamer2329d ago

While these versions may not have some of the perks that the Wii one douse, Fatal Frame 2 is available on Xbox and PS2.

spicelicka2329d ago

omg for a second i thought it said "perfect dark zero 2":O