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We've seen attempts at first-person shooters on portable systems before, but they've typically involved convoluted control schemes that use the face buttons for aiming. Full-fledged entries in the genre are now possible, and Sony is coming out of the gate with Resistance: Burning Skies. Developed by Nihilistic Software (rather than the series creators at Insomniac), the game feels like a genuine entry in the series, albeit one with issues.

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hulk_bash19872331d ago

Just played the demo and to be honest I am gonna run to the store and buy me up a copy. The lackluster reviews made me skeptical about the overall quality but I have to say it is quite a fun game. Its not really up to par with the quality of its console counterparts but it seems to be a fun and capable portable fps game. Gonna grab me a copy when i get off of work today.

showtimefolks2331d ago

ign has either gone with 9s lately or very bad scores so ignore them this game from what i understand is good

Chupa-Chupa2331d ago

It wasn't just IGN, check out metacritic. It's averaging a 60. However, I agree, try the demo. I hear it's pretty long. (that's what she said) for I thought Unit 13 was far better than what it was rated so whatever tickles your pickle.

jukins2331d ago

same here the reviews made me skip picking it up on launch day but after playing the demo and hearing things from us normal people who have played it i picked it up today .

TooTall192331d ago

I bought this for the multiplayer, but I haven't gotten in a match since last night. I tried at least 20 times today with no success. I played the first 2 levels of the single player and it was pretty good.

BattleAxe2331d ago

I don't think I've ever seen such polarizing reviews for a game before. It has to be the best fps game to ever come out on a handheld, and just for that reason alone, it shouldn't get less than a 7/10.

TheDivine2331d ago

Its alright. Overall its way too easy even on hard but certain bosses and moments are tough and you will replay the cutscene and part over 5 times. Even with all that time spent on deaths im halfaways through it in 2 hours. Havent been able to connect to MP all day i finally gave up.

My advice is wait till its under 20 unless you really dont believe me and the reviews and want to find out like i did. Its alright though. Its not necessarily bad, its just not good in any area of the game. Nothing is above average or well done, very BLAH. Hopefully i can try the MP soon, that might alright. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. Ok prob not but im trying to be optimistic.

svoulis2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Just beat the game, this is probably the easiest platinum you'll ever get. If done right you can do it first play through and it doesn't matter what difficulty.

As far as the online is concerned I have had a lot of issues getting into a match but after I am in its just mindless fun.

The party chat is good, works well.

I don't understand why a lot of reviewers are still comparing this to the console version of Resistance. I mean really its on a handheld and it takes up about 3GB of space.

Would you compared MW3 to the DS version of the game. Doubtful and if you do you'll be disappointed. The developers of this game had nothing to do with the Resistance Trilogy.

I am overall impressed with what this game pumps out at its size and content. A 4-6 hour campaign, and Multiplayer. Easy Platinum. Good fun. 40 bucks. Can't Complain