IGN: What The Hell Is With That Hitman Trailer?

IGN writes: We’re all used to a bit of tasteless violence in videogames. It happens all the time. We’re also used to attention-seeking trailers. The latest Hitman Absolution trailer, though, pairs gratuitous violence with sexualised imagery to create the most troubling piece of marketing material I think I’ve ever seen. It’s obviously designed to shock, but the effect isn’t thought-provoking or emotional – it leaves you feeling uncomfortable, mildly disgusted, and wondering what kind of warped conception Hitman’s marketing team has of what gamers want to see.

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dark-hollow2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

women mercenaries dressed like some dudes fantasy fetishes!
what a joke!

Snookies122329d ago

I'm cool with it being JUST a trailer, so long as this isn't actually in the game...

sonicsidewinder2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I think we both know that it will be, which is why this Hitman will be some convictionesque disapointment.

dark-hollow2329d ago

ugh. let me explain.
i dont care about all the feminist craze over this trailer, and i dont agree with the author of this article, but what i thought is this one shitty trailer!

what kind of message they are trying to send?
first off it comes so serious until the nuns reveal their halloween-esque slutty clothes!! and dont tell me they are assassins and they are dressed like that to seduce him. yeah because nothing more arousing than a chick blowing the front of your house with an RPG.

it was cheesy as hell and felt out of place for a game like hitman.

again, am not against the idea of women dressing like that, or the fact that he is killing women, but the whole scene felt comical and really stupid.

replace the nuns with shirtless men wearing speedos and it would be as ridiculous.

luoshuigui2329d ago

You probably dont understand what B-movies and exploitation films' charm.
Taking the cheesiness as a negative point is like watching Commando and saying "OMG how can nobody shoot Arnie he's the size of a mountain! That's so unrealistic!!"

MariaHelFutura2329d ago


The best part is when he jumps out of a plane in the sky, hits the water and INSTANTLY starts running. I could literally watch that scene every day.

LOGICWINS2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

A woman wrote this article...figures.

EDIT: Trailer was awesome IMO btw. Loved the brutality. Doesn't matter if its woman, nuns, or the pope himself. If anyone is trying to take you out, you take them out first. Thats what an assassin does. Period.

"It’s as if the marketing people figured out that showing Agent 47 brutalising a bunch of women would probably be a bit hard to stomach, so decided to dress them up as slutty nuns to… what, make it OK?"

Wrong again. Sexuality is the very thing that would make a female assassin just as dangerous, maybe even more dangerous than a male assassin. The slutty nun outfit is meant to disguise the true beast underneath. How many movies have we seen of female assassins using their looks to seduce men and subsequently kill them? If anything, the trailer prides the notion of woman having the ability to be dangerous instead of the run of the mill damsel in distress.

"Hitman is about a silent assassin, about plotting kills and assassinations and disappearing without a trace, not hand-to-hand fights and explosions."

Wrong once again. THIS Hitman game is about giving gamers the choice to be a silent assassin or a full on predator. Ever see the PAX demo. Devs played through a level twice to show how both styles of combat would play out.

jc485732329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Sympathy of lady vengeance. Great teaser by the way. Lady assassins are indeed dangerous.

VileAndVicious2329d ago

I thought it was awesome as well. very stylish. Looks a bit different from the hitman of old IMO (if its gameplay) but still looks really good. cant wait.

PshycoNinja2329d ago

"We’re also used to attention-seeking trailers."

We’re also used to attention-seeking articles.

2329d ago
kent800820072329d ago

Hot nuns: coolest entrance, lamest deaths

--Onilink--2329d ago

other than the fact that i see no reason for the girls to be dressed as nuns, i dont see anything wrong with the trailer, at least not compared to most other trailers

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