Battlefield Premium Betrays Fans writes: After months of rumours and speculation, EA has confirmed that a premium service in the same vein as Call of Duty Elite will be launching on June 4.

Hang on a second, could you repeat that please?

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SaffronCurse2422d ago

I don't need to spend more money on this.

Hufandpuf2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

If you pay for Premium you save $15 on all the DLC. How is that bad?

Nafon2422d ago

I know! everyone gets so pissed off about battlefield premium, even though it costs $50! all of the dlc was going to be $15 no matter what, so all they are doing is giving us what companies like rockstar and Turn 10 call a "season pass." Yet, no one gets pissed off at them! What they are saying is "Do You like our game? Are you going to buy all of the DLC? Heres a discount." some people are so dumb...

Hufandpuf2422d ago

Exactly. I think people just want to hate EA because of their track record.

4 DLCs for $15 is $60. Premium is $50.

I don't get people.

Tachyon_Nova2421d ago

Really so no one got pissed off at Call of Duty elite then?

da_2pacalypse2421d ago

@ Tachyon_Nova

Elite is equally as bad of a service. 50 bucks for the little amount of maps they've released?!?! Are you kidding me? The only reason it's doing well is because call of duty players are basically walking zombies, they'll buy anything Kotick shoves down their throat.

PS. This is not a good deal, specially since most people got Back to Karkland for free already... So really, we're not saving any money here.

Well done EA, you failed once more. Weren't they the ones getting on Activision at E3 last year because their service was free, and Activision's was paid?!?!? Whatever happened to that?

awi59512413d ago

They are pissed because they killed mod support and made up a lie. Then said our tech is too complex for modders bullshit. They planned this from the start they knew with modders we wouldnt buy their overpriced crap. Look at what moders have done with crysis and Skyrim why would you buy their overpriced crap when you can get maps that look just as good or better for free.

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Ducky2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Elite did the same thing. If it got slammed, then BF3 premium deserves it too.

Based on the leak, it's not just DLC that you get with premium, there's also other bonuses and some of them aren't exactly fair.
Some of the stuff are things that all player should have access to.
Things like queue priority are kinda unfair... while features like saving BattleReports and having doubleXP events should be available to all players.

That is why this isn't the same thing as a season pass, because (again, according to the leaked info) non-premium players would essentially be 2nd class citizens. They'd be missing out on more than just map-packs.

That, and based on EA's previous attitude toward Elite, it is hypocritical for them to now follow Activision's lead with a service that is more or less identical.

GuyManDude2421d ago

Elite got bad press because it was originally reported as not including any DLC. At least, that's when I was mocking it.

hellerphant2421d ago

It's bad because a large portion of their marketing campaign, and effectively their promise to gamers, was that they wouldn't launch a service like their competitors, namely Elite.

Then they went ahead and did it anyway.

If you read the article, I point out how the content and savings is great, but it goes against the principals that the studio put forward leading up to launch.

DasTier2421d ago

The problem I have with it is that people who buy this get priority in server ques over those those who don't who have waited longer. How is that fair?

Gunandbomb2419d ago

I've never been in a qure before and if I have ive been the only one in it so I don't see the big dead there

lugia 40002421d ago

I do not like it because we arent going to know if we like the expansions or not. Might be just crap and we will pay full for it already.

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HSx92422d ago

I stopped playing Call of Duty because of "Elite" I will now stop playing Battlefield, it was a fun run.

Corax2422d ago

You do know this isn't mandatory, right? Just like COD Elite isn't mandatory it's just an option to get more of your money. Just don't support it like I am.

coolbeans2421d ago

You can still be an Elite member without having to pay a single dime. Elite Premium requires the 50 bones to get the other 10%-15% unlocked (DLC deals among other various things).

KeiserSosay47882422d ago

The only problem I have is the fact that one of DICE's senior guys said that they would never charge for DLC and that they also dogged COD's Elite service. It's just so hypocritical and I like DICE. All of this is making me lose respect for them.

Hufandpuf2422d ago

They charged for BFBC2: Vietnam, where was the hate then?

KeiserSosay47882422d ago

That included a different time period, dialog, character models and weapons specific to that time period.

I believe what he said was that "We will never charge for maps."

Pandamobile2421d ago

Well, all of the BF3 expansions come with additional weapons, vehicles, maps, dogtags, etc.

The BF3 are almost exactly like the BF2 Booster Packs of old. Only difference is they're not standalone, or sold at retail.

BFBC2: Vietnam is, to date, the ONLY piece of DLC I've ever purchased.

I have every intention of purchasing the other BF3 expansions because I know I'll be playing that game for the next few years. If Back 2 Karkand is any indication of the level of quality that we are to expect, then I'm all for it.

Nafon2422d ago

He NEVER said they wouldn't charge for DLC. They said they would never make you pay for battlelog. which they havent. As I said in my reply to Hufandpuf, this is basically a season pass.

DarthJay2421d ago

No, for Bad Company 2 they did specifically say they would not charge for maps. I have heard no such claims for Battlefield 3, though.

That said, these expansions were never going to be free, so this shouldn't be a surprise. I am OK with Battlefield Premium since you actually end up saving money in the end by prepaying for all the DLC.

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