StarForge is a F2P survival game, inspired by Halo, WC3 & Minecraft - First Playable Build Released

DSOGaming writes: "Yes, the game is rough around the edges and not as polished as other triple-A games but keep in mind that a) this is an indie game and b) it is distributed for free. Not only that, but Starforge comes with infinite procedural terrain, customizable landscape, no loading screens (as players can go from the surface of a planet into outer-space) and a physics engine."

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IaMs122384d ago

This looks awesome! I hope its multiplayer/coop too so i can work together with friends.

Ducky2384d ago

That's the plan.

It's pretty amazing what an indie dev (like.. 2 guys?) can do.

john22384d ago

so true. This looks fun and hey, it's a free game :D