Why Buying A Cloud Gaming Company Could Be The Smartest Move Sony Has Made This Generation

It’s no secret that Sony is in a bad way, hemorrhaging more money than a Facebook IPO, and it’s a well known fact that this console generation has been a tough one for the company, with the PS3 leading to a spectacular drop in market share. But embracing the cloud now could turn things around for the Japanese giant, and ensure the success of the PlayStation brand for years to come. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2423d ago

Adding a cloud service to PSN would be tremendous. Since cloud processing doesn't require the system to run the actual image, PC games could theoretically be played on a PS3.

doctorstrange2423d ago

Or PS3 games could be played on a terrible PC.

slayorofgods2423d ago

Theoretically, Sony could allow for PS3 games to be streamed on other devices such as p.c.'s, or even machines much more inexpensive to produce then a actual PS3.

It will be interesting to see where Sony is going with this as it changes the "PS4" field quiet a bit.

LOGICWINS2423d ago

"Adding a cloud service to PSN would be tremendous."

Yeah...if its free, sure why not.

Kamikaze1352423d ago

Playstation Plus only, I bet.

LOGICWINS2423d ago

That wouldn't be a problem...but the games should be $40 instead of $60 considering I'm paying $50 a year for PS Plus and the fact that I don't have the option to trade in my game if I don't like it.

slayorofgods2423d ago

I don't think anyone really has any idea what Sony is planning to do exactly with this service.

Lifewish2423d ago

A cloud service would def. be very cool.

GraveLord2423d ago

Yeah, if you are part of the 1% who has an internet connection good enough for it.

T3mpr1x2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Lol @1% comment. I've got 30 Mbps RoadRunner for ~$70 a month, and that's more than enough. Of course, I live within an hour of Los Angeles with traffic, which probably helps get me sub-10ms ping time...

Foolsjoker2423d ago

Well you need to be in the market BEFORE the market is ready.

DJLB21152423d ago

Yup I already have onlive and if PS Live or Onlive Station or whatever they will call it comes out, I will be a very happy gamer lol

BrutallyBlunt2423d ago

Would Sony partner with an American company like this? I really hope so but most decisions still reside in Japan, just ask the frustrated Phil Harrison.

yesmynameissumo2423d ago

I keep reading comments from the ill informed (like GraveLord) who think you need some sort of Fios 30MB Internet connection in order to display refreshes. Is it that difficult to look up the minimum requirements? (Protip: 2MB is the minimum, 5MB is recommended)

This will definitely be a great offering, even if it has to be downplayed because it's Sony.

T3mpr1x2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Yeah the speed isn't really the issue, it's all about your latency/ping. That has more to do with where you live in relation to the nearest Onlive server. Oh and FYI, it's Mb, not MB - Internet speeds are typically rated in Megabits, not Megabytes.

yesmynameissumo2423d ago

If you are close enough to a C.O. for your ISP, or even just have a base 5mbps connection, you're good. And FYI, it's Mbps, not Mb. My use was to convey MB for meg.

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The story is too old to be commented.