Capcom's Fall From Grace

Have you ever felt as if you were just talking to a wall? Well, we as gamers have. We have yelled, screamed, and pleaded to Capcom to change their ways, and after being treated like second class citizens we fell quite drained. They then have the gall to tell us to buy another regurgitated street fighter series and Marvel vs. Capcom, and all they did was turn their backs on us. Now the gamers have been heard and it’s time for Capcom to come and get a slice of humble pie.

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zeal0us2329d ago

Capcom's "Fall From Grace" was prophesied long ago. The prophets of old foretold that a great evil would overcome the land called On-disc DLC.

jc485732329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

God, this would make such a great game. Cliche as ever. Can't wait to destroy Capcom evil.

Lucretia2329d ago

well as much as SF4, SFXTekken, suck, DMC4 was fun and Dragons Dogma is amazing, also loved RE5 and cant wait for re6

Dno2329d ago

Right the fighting game that brought all fighting games back in 2009 sf4 is Wack..... Man here is a big disagree

Baka-akaB2329d ago

Yes and no . None of the current franchises even disappeared , it just wasnt popular anymore .

I agree that i dunno what's his beef with SF4 , and that it did brought back 2d fighting games into mainstream popularity again .

Instead of settling for the same dwindling and aging fanbase through the 00s . Worse with sometimes unwarranted elitist attitude from some of us older fans , and the incredibly lazy and impatient attitude from some of the newer ones , a rift was clearly there and getting bigger .

At least now "we" get "noobs" to get annoyed at :p

Lucretia2329d ago

lol, SF4 does get props for bringing back 2d fighting, as does Blazblue.

thing is SF4 is no where as good as SF2,3, alpha 1-3

the art style on top of that was horrid, wtf was with the face expressions?. and i just wasn't a fan of the way it played.

don't get me wrong. I can still hold my own with Makoto, cammy, and Ken, but its not that good i thought

Baka-akaB2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

We'll just agree to disagree then .

The artstyle was imo the usual over the top cartoony theme it originally had . The fugly beaten faces were always there too .

At the very least , appealing or not , it can't be denied they succeeded at what they initially aimed for : the very first 3d fighting game that felt , look and moved like a 2d game , without suffering in its animations , framerate , the usual stiffness , hitboxes and feel .

I also dont see how SF2 is that better , or even better at all . Ironically , coming from some other people , it doesnt even make sense when their main critic is how similar both are .

Alpha is his own serie imo , so big conceptual differences are to be expected . The odd and lost one is SF3 . Dont get me wrong i like SF3 ...
But it did venture in a direction that nearly killed the serie and that "no one" cares for .

It went precisely for the overly complicated "crap" , most dont care for . There were and are plenty other franchises with over the top care about input and complexity , SF is the easy to play hard to master type , and SF3 wasnt that kind of mass appealing game .

It should have existed like it did , but maybe in yet another offshot serie . Wich could at least have led to sequel , instead of whining about no parry in sf4 and most likely sf5 .

I dunno why suddenly people expect main Street fighter games to turn into KOF , Guilty gear , arcana hearts , and whatever hardcore series , when those almost died on their own or stayed niche , and when SF almost died trying this road .

Arcsys even had to mainstream Guilty gears into some other franchise like Bazblue to succeed again . And actually making a new serie for that newer simplified take was smart and a success .

Baka-akaB2329d ago

Dont care . People should stop following big companies blindly and as whole . Capcom as a corp sucks , doesnt mind i should stop enjoying SF4 , the rest of their fighting games , Dragon Dogma , Asura , because of it .

At the very least , if you are all ging to pretend you suddenly are on some moral high horse when it comes to dlc and publishers shenanigans after blindly accepting its many abuses for years (not everyone does and did of course) , start punishing the others too .

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