These are the 5 games Sony will use to 'win' E3

( With the rumors of Microsoft planning to unveil a new console at E3, the spotlight has been placed on Sony to prove that the PlayStation brand is far from dead.

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MattyG2332d ago

Hmmmm... A mystery game ehhh?

cannon88002332d ago

I'm gonna guess that the mystery game is probably Guerrilla Games' new IP they're working on.

stage882332d ago

Hmmm could be but I'm still thinking they are working on a PS4 title.

TheLastGuardian2332d ago

Syphon Filter 4?
Killzone 4?
Media Molecule's new IP?
Santa Monica Studio's new IP?
Sony London's Move game?

Sony has alot of PS3 exclusives currently in development that have yet to be announced. I expect many surprise game announcements from Sony this E3.

corrus2332d ago

You had forgot two games

The Last Of Us
Dust 514

jeseth2332d ago

I would really love to see a Mark of the Kri/Rise of the Kasai game on PS3. Those 2 games were some of my favorite from the PS2. They would be awesome on PS3.

As for E3, I think we all know they'll show great games. That doesn't surprise me. What would be nice to see is a Vita and PS3 price drop.
I would pickup a Vita that week if they dropped it.

Either way, I'm excited to see what everyone breaks out ... we are so close to the "Next Gen" that anything could happen!

Freak of Nature2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Could very well be on that list of yours TheLastGuardian.

I am really extra excited to see/hear anything on Media molecules new IP. I know they will bring something fresh, and as far away from a generic run of the mill type game as can be.

Something with style and creativity galore.

I wonder about MGS5?


I think there's a misunderstood here. He's not listing exclusives, he's listing possible unannounced titles, stuff that we have heard rumours lately.

The Last Guardian, The Last Of Us and Dust 514 are all confirmed titles, hence not in the list.

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Mr Tretton2332d ago

I'm gonna walk out on stage with a mic, say 'PlayStation 4', drop the mic and walk off stage.

Commodore2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )'re gonna walk out and say SOCOM HD. Then s**t out some copies right then and there for the audience. Then drop the mic and walk off.

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showtimefolks2332d ago

let me tell you how sony will win e3 just like last few years

they will show us the most games and show us what they have in store for Vita

psn:plus update

and that's all we need (if cloud gaming than damn they win)

live2play2332d ago

nah nintendo going for 3 years in a row.
nothing beats a new console

showtimefolks2332d ago

yeh i am sure for you what's exciting a new HD console while us you called fanboys xbox360,ps3 fans have been playing games in HD since 2005-2006 so welcome aboard and in 2 years wii-u will be last gen

in 2012 MS and sony blew the roof off with games,games and more games while MS has gone a bit soft sony hasn't relaxed and just been going 130MPH

wii-u is exciting but if that tablet has no analog sticks and the buttons under the stick doesn't make sense, N has the most to gain but they also have the most to loose. also N have already said no pricing or release date so not sure 2 years of showing wii-u without a proper release date or price is very exciting

calling us fan of xbox360-ps3 and pc fanboys is not very smart just makes your look stupid if anything you sound like a blind nintendo fanboy who is finally getting a HD console

live2play2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

nintendo ''won'' 2010 and 2011
i know i know your fanboy heart wont admit it, but they did, general consensus on the internet (not only n4g)

now 2012 when finally we get details on wiiu (horrible name)

fei-hung2332d ago

If by "winning" you mean embarres themselves (Wii Music Demo), confuse everyone (Wii U reveal) and or don't show anything of interest to anyone, but Ninty fanboys and bored housewives with shovel ware and fitness routines, then yes, you sir have a clear winner.

I congratulate you, I congratulate Ninty for winning 2012 E3, I congratulate bored housewives and obese people who instead of going gym have made Wii Fit their weight losing personal trainer all in one gym. I congratulate Ninty for not giving much to the hardcore gamers with the exception of Mario 20, Zelda and Mario. I congratulate you for finding away to mentally block everything from reaching any of your senses which may prove otherwise for Ninty.

On the whole, congratulation!

P.S I congratulate Ninty for successfully keeping the Queen and Duke married and alive for 60+ years. Don't ask, I just know they had a hand in it.

Tapioca Cold2332d ago

Uh... how did they win?

I don't recall Nintendo sales increasing over the last few years. Sony on the other hand...

MS just needs to stop promoting that web cam and get back to reality.

The Wii U will fail. Called it here.

Soldierone2332d ago

Wasn't Nintendo's 2010 or 2011 press conference a snorefest? I remember hating myself for watching it, and then Ubisoft attempted to be even more boring one year and attempted to hype a crappy Avatar game lol.....

Protagonist2332d ago

What are you talking about???

Nintendo did not win the last two years.

BlaqMagiq242332d ago

We must live in parallel universes if you think nintendo won E3 the past 2 years.

jeseth2332d ago

Today must be backwards day! Thats why CaCi is saying Nintendo had the best show ... because actually they've been the worst. Nintendo's shows have stunk for a while now.

homer2332d ago

I agree with you. People think sony is infallible and refuse to believe they got beat by a company that isn't viewed as hardcore. 3 years of Nintendomination. And he is correct, the general consensus was that Nintendo won. Google it, and I guarantee that you will find most mjor publicaations awarded this honor to them. Do it, you might be surprised.

Dee_912332d ago

I just googled it and I see your talking out your a-hole.
Which ever won is totally subjective so its incredibly retarded to state Nintendo won as a fact.

solidt122332d ago

I'll give nintendo 2010 for the 3DS but Sony Won 2011 hands Down with Uncharted 3 and Playstation Vita.

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archemides5182332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

new mystery game is star wars MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

done by santa monica studio

in 3d

with head tracking

where you fight against solid snake

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arbitor3652332d ago

media molecule, quantic dream, guerrilla games and sucker punch are all working on new stuff. im sure some of them will be unveiled.

Garfield2332d ago

I sure as hell hope not. I want those studios working on PS4 titles, not churning out more sequels. I really enjoyed LBP, but I'm sick of Killzone and Infamous. Make something new and move onto the next generation.

If they don't start now, it's going to be a repeat of 2006 & 2007 when there were no games for the new console.

Move onto PS4 projects NOW.

portal_22332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

You really don't know shit about Sony and just proves how much of fool you are.

Media Molecule - New IP:
Quantic Dream - New IP:
Guerilla Games - New IP:
Edit - Sucker Punch - New IP:

Go eat some lasagne Garfield and spread your poison elsewhere. Let GAMERS enjoy games.