Check Out The Resistance: Burning Skies Reversible Box Art

We're hard at work on our review of Resistance: Burning Skies, but in the meantime, check out the reversible box art cover that you will get if you purchase the game.

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BringingTheThunder2335d ago

i wish every game did something like this

svoulis2335d ago

Most PS3 exclusives do it as well.

Ser2335d ago

The Skyrim / Resistance 3 reversible covers are my favorites currently. LOVE this. More companies need to do this.

slixshot2335d ago

I wish they still had the logo down the spine. I like being able to read the name of the game when it's shelved.

MattyG2335d ago

That's exactly why I never use the reverse box art, and it's a shame because it usually looks so good.

r212335d ago

oh that is pretty sweet looking :D

EmperorDalek2335d ago

What a stupid concept art. The chimera is pointing it's gun up, and what does he plan to do with an axe? Die? He doesn't even have it ready to attack.

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