Sony Cloud might upset some gamers, but that's a good thing for everyone else

Digtially Downloaded writes: "Whoever Sony partners with for Cloud services, it's a move that, depending how deep the potential partnership is, could prove to be very alienating."

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Soldierone2423d ago

IF they start releasing games on the cloud before retail or digital release, that will be the alienating thing for me. Otherwise I don't really care.....ill just ignore it like I do with digital versions of games.

DarkBlood2423d ago

yeah pretty much what i will likely do too, only way i will play digital if its a rental service instead

darthv722423d ago

like a digital gamefly so to speak...?

There has been an increase in digital distribution lately. From tv/movies on various services like amazon and hulu to music on its range of varied services.

Seems the logical direction for other means of entertainment (games) is going that way as well.

DarkBlood2423d ago

yeah something like that except canada dont have that kind of service, least i dont think we do anyways

now this is just me but im not going to spend that much on data alone especially when they have thier right to take it away from me that easly since its being digital n all

i play the campaign a few times till the rental service for that game is done and thats it

the future may see the times change but so will i to adapt to learn not to care that they may not do physical copies anymore

2423d ago
Raf1k12423d ago

Best use for cloud gaming IMO is the 1hr trial you get. It would save us from having to download the full game just to try the first hour.

This way no downloading required and we can then choose to either buy the game digitally or through retail.

DarkBlood2423d ago

oh i have faith in those always being physical, but i'll continue to hope it doesnt go all digital for games in the future at all

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DA_SHREDDER2423d ago

I think it's their right to sell digitally first, cause it makes people actually buy the game new instead of used. So you're not taking away used games, but instead you get early access.

showtimefolks2423d ago

yeh i agree if sony is gonna do this right than release games on cloud few days before they come out so it will give us a advantage plus some extra perks to buy from sony

GraveLord2423d ago

Same here.

I think people are making too big a deal out of this potential cloud thing.

kostchtchie_2423d ago

indeed and Sony have lately said that gamers want digital and boxed, sounds to me they are going to be doing both in future

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dark-hollow2423d ago

If cloud is not mandatory to play ps4 games then by all means go for it.

ExPresident2423d ago

There is absolutely no way the PS4 would be digital only. The infrastructure in the U.S. isn't even close to being able to support that business model. It would be suicide.

Bimkoblerutso2423d ago

Better be cheap. Better be REAL cheap.

house2423d ago

i wouldn't be mad it just adds options to ether the ps3 or ps4

joab7772423d ago

Great article. People never see the business side for what it is, the engine that delivers the games we want. It wont be mandatory yet. And i love my playstation, so i hope it works for sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.