Unlock or Delete: Gravity Rush Demo

TQ: One of the most anticipated PlayStation Vita titles (Gravity Rush) finally makes its way to the U.S. But did the demo do the retail game more harm than good? Let’s take a look.

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swansong2385d ago

I totally disagree. I enjoyed the demo and was left wanting more. I can't wait to get this game.

Chupa-Chupa2385d ago

If you read the Final Demo Verdict you will find the writer agrees with you too. "The wanting more part".

MAiKU2385d ago

SAME HERE. The demo was fun and oh god the musical score was amazing.

ddurand12385d ago

I wanted to enjoy this gm but it didnt do anything for me. The only good part was it was a small demo. Resistance was 3gb wtf is that.

Hope it sells well and ppl enjoy it though.

Chupa-Chupa2385d ago

I noticed that. 3.1GB for the Res Demo. It's the same size as the full game. I wonder if that was an error.

MattyG2385d ago

They did that with Rayman Origins too. I think it's so if people decide to buy it digitally after playing the demo, they don't have to download another file. It's kinda weird, but makes sense.

izumo_lee2385d ago

All the demos for the vita games are the full versions of them. Buying the game however just gives you the code to unlock the rest of the game.

supremacy2385d ago do i get this demo?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2385d ago

It was too freaking short. Compared to the Burning skies demo (which actually was long enough to make me forget it WAS a demo.)Liked it though.

Trenta272385d ago

Yeah, it was probably half the game in that demo of Burning Skies. It was ridiculous.

jon12342385d ago

gotta be kidding me... complaining about a free demo...

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The story is too old to be commented.