THQ Pre-E3 Event: Company of Heroes 2, Darksiders 2, Metro: Last Light Previews [GamingLives]

Prior to heading out to E3 next week, GamingLives gets another sneak peek at THQ's line-up: "With E3 around the corner, gamers everywhere (myself included) are salivating at the prospect of what the expo will bring. New titles will abound and it may be impossible to keep up with everything that goes on, even with an army of typewriting monkeys (or journalists, to some). Luckily, THQ were more than happy to show members of the press some of the titles they’ll be demoing behind closed doors at E3, allowing us to get some quality time with them in a much less stressful and busy environment before we fly out to Los Angeles and get buried under a mountain of games."

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