Is the PS3 a Trojan Horse for the PlayStation 4?

GameXplain: "Earlier today, MCV reported a rumor that Sony may be closing in on the acquisition of a major cloud gaming company in advance of its E3 press conference next week. If this rumor is true, Sony might be setting itself up to steal headlines with a shocking revelation: many of you might already own the PlayStation 4."

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Eternalb2422d ago

That would be epic. Insta E3-win right there.

Pixel_Enemy2422d ago

Yeah that would be pretty damn epic. Starting off with an already established install base.

iamnsuperman2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Unlikely but it would make sense if Sony wanted to make as much money out of the PS3. I think it is more to do with extending the life of the PS3

dark-hollow2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Offering a cloud option makes sense, but going all out with cloud gaming only?
Not a good idea, especially with people who have slow Internet speeds/download caps.

I think we are 10 years early for cloud only gaming.

Hicken2421d ago

Ten is probably being generous.

We know it won't be the format of the next generation of consoles, which will probably add another seven years or so, going by this gen's length.

And I doubt the infrastructure will be in place for such a thing everywhere in the next decade.

And there's still the whole ownership and ability to sell back or somehow get your money back from digital copies issue to deal with.

Pixel_Enemy2422d ago

Not necessarily. The PS3 version of the PS4 could be cloud based. You pay a subscription fee to access the service and buy the games digitally. The hardware that actually runs the game would be in the cloud. For others that don't want to pay the monthly service, they can buy the new hardware and buy physical copies of the games.

cstyle2422d ago

If that is true then there will be no need for a ps4.

Hicken2421d ago

That wasn't even a half-assed attempt at trolling. C'mon, put SOME effort into it.

ThePsychoGamer2422d ago

I really doubt it, I mean they would have to make new hardware to implement features the gamers have wanted for a long time. Besides wouldn't be easier to make new hardware with this in mind instead of trying to integrate it into hardware that was built with out cloud gaming in mind?

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