Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 68 “E3, Dragons, & Lightsabers”

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"On this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast it’s time for the boys to talk about what we want to see, and what we will end up seeing at E3 2012. Does the largest video game tradeshow have any surprises up it’s sleeve this year, or has all the big news already leaked?

Lucasarts is set to debut a brand new Star Wars game on May 31st, and then have said game take center stage at E3 2012. The boys discuss what this game could possibly be? Can you say Masters of Teras Kasi 2?

Finally, we have some 38 Studios and The Old Republic updates. Joe Anello gives us the skinny on Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. And by the very end of this episode, war will be declared."

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