'Resistance: Burning Skies' multiplayer status update

Yesterday, the PlayStation Vita welcomed a new title to its software ranks with the release of Resistance: Burning Skies, the handheld’s debut first-person shooter. While the single-player campaign is keeping some busy, it’s the online multiplayer that has Vita owners excited. Sadly, the title’s launch was met with connection issues which have kept people from engaging in the online portion of Burning Skies.

This afternoon a status update was given on the state of the multiplayer and a fix is in the works.

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MattyG2427d ago

I got into one 4 player TDM, but everyone quit so I didn't get my last trophy :( I hope they fix the servers soon

Freshnikes2427d ago ShowReplies(1)
smashcrashbash2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

@ Freshnikes. Yeah it's not like any other company has ever had server problems from the get go. Isn't Diablo 3 servers currently f**ked as you put it? Come on man every online game has teething problems at the start. Give them a break.

Freshnikes2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Just having some fun!! But come on man im a vita owner from day 1 this is unacceptable from Sony. It's not like the vita is taking off in the sale department, also it's the first fps on vita u would think the people who make the big bucks at Sony would be 1000% sure this got off to a smooth start!!! Not looking to good and vita needs all the good news it can get!!! Diablo 3 will sell millions of copies!!! There is about 2million vitas worldwide u do the math just not good for Sony!!! I been saying that a lot lately n I'm old I remember the ps1 and the trinitron tvs from sony wen they was on top

r212427d ago

dude, stop with the !!!! calm down, theyre fixing it, hopefully as soon as possible.

Sithlord-Gamble2427d ago

But in the mean time, the people who for some reason ARE able to play online are getting so far ahead of the majority that cant, are going to have a field day with all the new players once we can all play ... thx sony for rendering my preorder bonus perpetually useless.

DJLB21152426d ago

actually, thats a VERY good point my friend. bubble vote for you. pre-order customer should never get screwed

D-_-Fox2426d ago

Here! Here! Seriously! When game stop gets a bunch of these back because people like me who haven't played ONE online match since purchase 10:13am 5/29.. who makes the money then? When people go for the the cheaper pre-owned copies.. are the PSVita or Game developers seeing any $$ from that?
I think they need to make an adjustment on the pre-order bonus and guarantee free add-on content to keep poeple stoked about pre-ordering and buying new.. Cause I definitely feel like crap about buying this new.. even more about pre-ordering.

ChaoticDrums2426d ago

Does anyone know a way to kind of skip or avoid the bug at all? That would rule. and you will save days, many days.