Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Review | Explosion

Since its release last October, Rocksteady’s smash hit sequel Arkham City has received its fair share of DLC. Until now, such offerings didn’t really extend beyond new challenge maps, costumes, and characters (Catwoman’s episodes being the one exception but many would argue they were technically part of the base game).

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tunaks12424d ago

wasn't really worth the $10

playing as robin was cool, but by the end what was the point of it? There is almost no story advancement, just stop harley.

Pozzle2424d ago

I gotta admit, I was pretty disappointed with the lack of story in this DLC. I wasn't expecting a full game's plot, obviously. But considering "that" Easter Egg in Arkham City and the fact that Harley wants revenge for the Joker, I guess I was just expecting...something more?