OXCGN’s 3D Gaming Comparison, Part III: Xbox 360


"We will our lives in three spatial dimensions. We have two eyes. We see two images.

And yet, until recently, our games have only fed us one.

Following on from reviewing 3D gaming on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3, we continue our reviews of gaming in the third dimension on the Xbox 360.

So far, Nintendo is dominating this genre, and without even a great score."

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Proeliator2331d ago

Ouch. I don't feel as is MS is pushing 3D that much... fine by me!!

gaminoz2331d ago

Fine by me too.

Effort should be spent on gameplay, not gimmicky rubbish.

I remember watching sports in 3D with the silly glasses and it just looked so 'layered'. Nothing like Avatar, which had a world created for 3D.

If it's just tacked on, then it won't be any good

BadCircuit2331d ago

Avatar was the only 3D movie I've EVER liked.

EVILDEAD3602331d ago

Gears of war 3 in 3D is amazing..nuff said. This guy is literally complaining that it uses one of the many techniques of 3D thats out there. Changing it manually is literally a few clicks on the remote.

But that's supposedly a problem? that all they got these days to pretend one is better than the other?


BadCircuit2331d ago

The 3DS is the only glasses-less 3D (and adjustable) so it doesn't surprise me it is doing best.

Belgavion2331d ago

I'm glad they're not pushing it

REALgamer2331d ago

I don't think Microsoft should make any active Kinect games in 3D.

I downloaded the Kinect Star Wars demo, and when the first level loaded it started in 3D (couldn't work out how to switch it off without exiting). There should be a pop-up when the game starts asking if you'd like to play in 2D or 3D mode.

Jumping around with big 3D glasses on? Not as much fun as you'd think...

DlocDaBudSmoka2331d ago

some 3D games on the ps3 does just that. even tho i have a 3Dtv i still play in 2D.

kingliam32331d ago

3d gaming is great! It's not just a gimmick, it adds to the experience. If you don't like it. Don't use it. :)

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