Gamefly Nightly Deals For May 30th Include Street Fighter x Tekken For $19.99

The latest wave of nightly used game deals for Gamefly (all prices end May 31st at 5PM PST) includes a few Wii exclusives for cheap, as well as Street Fighter x Tekken for $19.99.

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BringingTheThunder2429d ago

and then spend more to dominate in multiplayer

vortis2429d ago

Only $3.99 for the P2W Gem pack!

Use less skill, less time and less effort to beat long-time Capcom fans by simply paying to win!

Showcase your dominance with the P2W Gem pack right now.

*Disclaimer: Capcom reserves the right to bend your wallet over the table and rape it repeatedly. Void where prohibited.

Hufandpuf2429d ago

Don't buy this game, I bought it and thought it was great, but when I went back to ssf4 I realized sfxt was shit.

AgreeFairy2429d ago

Except SFxT is better than Super Turtle Fighter 4: AE

Hufandpuf2429d ago

Not with all those game breaking glitches it's not.