Dishonored’s Game World: Soup of ideas or creative genius?


"With the announcement of Bioshock: Infinite‘s delay until next year, and subsequent removal from the E3 lineup, so goes any chance I had of seeing my most anticipated game in Los Angeles this summer.

Despondent and adrift, I’ve been left scrambling for a new ambitious game to psyche myself into.

I think that this one might be able to capitalize on Bioshock‘s delay, and sate those of us hungry for some atmospheric shooter action.

Dishonored is that game, and you’ve probably heard it compared to a bevy of other titles as well."


Link broke on site, updated one below:

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Proeliator2335d ago

From my understanding it ISNT' open world... wtf??

gaminoz2335d ago

I think it has the appearance of an open world but isn't exactly open. I don't think that is a bad thing personally.

Dovahkiin2335d ago

A bit like Deus Ex: HR, I'd imagine.

Eske2335d ago

That's definitely something I'm eager to see explained more. I won't say that it worries me, cause I think there are ways that it can be done well. But it is a bit surprising that they didn't go open world...the game seems suited for it.

Cajun Chicken2335d ago

I'm pretty sure most of the ideas for Prey 2 were shifted by Bethesda into this, the whole parkour, bounty hunter/assassin, weird abilities, free choice how to complete missions...
Not that I care, because Prey 2 really didn't look like an honest sequel to Prey at all.

gaminoz2335d ago

Totally with you! Prey 2 didn't look like Prey and I wasn't at all interested.

I'm very interested in this one.

BadCircuit2335d ago

This is one of the few new Ips being shown and I'm actually quite excited about it.

Except I'm not sure about the dev: Arkane. Can they do a Bioshock like game as well as Levine and co?

MattyG2335d ago

Is this link working for everyone else? I keep getting a "Page not found" error.

Oh_Yeah2335d ago

out of the handful of titles announced for the rest of 2012 (so far) many of them arnt looking expecting this to be top 5. @BadCircuit im thinking this will be a alot better than the bioshock series, i dont understand the hype for them other than the art style, the gameplayy and rpg side is stale. im hoping this will be a mix of assasins creed with much better combat and fallout type personality + rpg elements, thatd make for a great game.

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The story is too old to be commented.