What to Expect From Sony at E3 2012 writes: "Here’s what you can expect from Sony’s E3 conference this year, will a PSThree slim be at the expo? Or will Agent be shown?"

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NastyLeftHook02425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

1. the last of us
2. god of war ascension
3. kingdom hearts collection
4. agent
5. guirella games new ip
6. 3 new ip's

(hardware features)
1. new ps+ news.
2. possible slimmer ps3.
3. perhaps a price cut.

( handheld)

1. new ip's
2. new features
3. new apps


1. a couple new games
2. some new features to use ps move in the menus.

(wish list)

1.ps4 (metal gear solid 5 bundle coming christmas '12.

LOGICWINS2425d ago

I'm most excited for GG's new IP or Killzone 4. I need something new to play with my Sharpshooter!

Chitown712912425d ago

I want Sony to make a shooting game with head tracking for the move. That would be so beast!!!

LOGICWINS2425d ago

I played the demo for R3 and its not for me. Resistance favors filling the opposition with as many bullets as possible till they fall. Kinda one dimensional combat, with the exception of the unique weapons. In Killzone, patience and accuracy wins the day. And compared to KZ3, the physics engine in R3 is garbage.

cpayne932425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Um, I REALLY disagree with you about Resistance 3. The areas in the game usually have ways to flanks enemies, you always have to be mindful of where the health packs are, and the creative weapons and different types of enemies offers a lot more strategy than Killzone 3 does. I love Killzone for the multiplayer, but Resistance just had one of the best shooter campaigns of this gen.

Can't say I disagree about the physics engine, not that it makes the game. Killzone really has that down.

Muffins12232425d ago

Killzone 4 should not be made by GG or not made at all,cause it would be financially shitty for sony,due to them losing money every killzone game.Even though im going to get disagrees on this,the last 2 had some pretty low sale numbers

LOGICWINS2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Your right. Killzone 3 sold less than Killzone 2 within the same time period. I'm happy Killzone games are still in the works though. I'm assuming that GG will try to make a HUUUUGE impression this time around considering that so many people felt that KZ3 wasn't worth buying.

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xursz2425d ago

Add The Last Guardian and Quantic Dream's project on there and you've got my agree.

morganfell2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Sony purchase of Gaikai and new deal with Nvidia as part of purchase

First look at Dust 514 on Vita

Infamous 3 for PS3/Vita

Syphon Filter for PS3/Vita

Exclusive Bioshock title on Vita

Call of Duty on Vita

Assassin's Creed 3 on PS3/Vita

Splinter Cell 6 on PS3/Vita

Gran Turismo Vita

MGS5 for PS3/Vita

Revamped Warrior's Lair for PS3/Vita

God of War Ascension on PS3/Vita

Dead Space 3 on PS3 /Vita

The Getaway 2 for Vita

SOCOM 2 HD for PS3/Vita

Full remote play for Vita

New Eat Sleep Play title announced

Massive number of reduced titles announced for PS+ members

New Sony Santa Monica title with Stig Asmussen

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale for PS3/Vita

StrongMan2425d ago

The Last of Us
Sly Cooper 4
The Last Guardian
New Quantic Dream game(makers of Heavy Rain)
New Guerrilla Games game(makers of Killzone)
God of War: Ascension
LittleBigPlanet Karting
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal
Syphon Filter 5
Infamous 3
Jak & Daxter 4
The Getaway 2
8 Days
A few new IP announcements
Some new VITA announcements
New PS+ features
New apps
Cloud gaming

BrutallyBlunt2425d ago

Not gonna happen. Vita will take about half the show because Sony knows there needs to be a major push for that device. Talking about the PS4 would be disastrous because they still need to make money on Vita and the PS3 is still over $200. I expect a price drop on the PS3 and bundles on Vita. The downside will be the Move. Sony still won't stand behind the product as much as they should have early on and there will be very little support, especially for games that require it.

Sony will show lots of PS3 games, more than that for games on Vita. I am hoping the rumours of Gaikai or Onlive are true.

BitbyDeath2425d ago

Sony will no doubt be showing a ton of games for Vita but really if Sony were that worried about sales all they'd have to mention is two words.

"Price Cut"

I know it seems bleak that the PS4 will show but Nintendo releasing already should force their hand to at least make mention of something.

Hopefully all 3 will at least mention their next console.

PS. Not caring for onLive as it probably wouldn't work down here in Australia, best connection i can get at this time is a 20mb. And once that reaches my PC it's around 10-12mb and once it reaches my PS3 it's around 4-7mb.
So not something i'd care for.

BrutallyBlunt2425d ago

I'll have to disagree on a price cut for Vita. The device is already being sold at a loss and they had projected a timeline to break even. Cutting the price this early would not spell confidence in the product. It worked for Nintendo because the system was overpriced to begin with and the biggest marketing campaign was about the 3D that many didn't seem to care about. There is nothing wrong with Vita aside from requiring a memory card that adds to the overall cost. Include a 4GB card and create valued bundles, that's what I'd do.

BitbyDeath2425d ago

It's not being sold at a loss, as it only costs $160 to make.

They are currently profiting off each device sold.

BrutallyBlunt2425d ago

It also states it only costs $100 to make a 3DS. What you forget is the costs associated with that device from marketing, manufacturing and everything else.

Kaz Hirai stated long ago about Vita being sold at a loss initially.

BitbyDeath2425d ago

Ok, i stand corrected.
Bubs for proving me wrong :-)

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yesmynameissumo2425d ago

A whole lotta badassery across PS3, PSN, PS+ and PS Vita fronts.

NBT912425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )


Honestly, I dont know why people are expecting so much from E3 this year

gaffyh2425d ago

Probably because we're all hoping that the Wii U will push MS and Sony to show more than usual.

NBT912425d ago

Maybe, but I mean they didnt really show much of the WiiU last time, and we already know that Vita can in theory do the same tricks that the WiiU can ( being used as a input device, proper remote play etc).

I would love to be proven wrong, but E3 has been so lacklustre for a few years running now that im not really feeling the hype for it, then again its the unexpected announcements that make a good E3 so by not going into it with much in mind I will prolly be blown away =D

BitbyDeath2425d ago

Same reason people hope for good Xmas presents :-p

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