8.0 Amoebattle - DSiWare Review

"Thanks to enlightening movies like A Bug's Life, we need not wonder as to the struggles of smaller life forms and how they manage to stay alive. Thus, Amoebattle's depiction of similar survivalist themes within even smaller confines doesn't seem like that much of a stretch; a curious experiment that probes further inspection under the microscope. But in signing up for the program, you'll be given more to do than your usual lab coat-wearing scientist. Complementing the analytical part of that position, you can control how these beings interact and gradually mount a force that is only as stoppable as you make it. Literally exploring the divide and conquer motto within a real-time strategy mold, Grab Games takes players on a fun ride that uses a realistic level of difficulty as a means of selling the presence of real danger and, in so doing, successfully immerses players into an experience that is far from microscopic in scope." --

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