Over 100 Games In Development for Wii?

It seems to most like Wii is done and dusted. The white wonder-box has had its glory and it’s time to make way for the successor, Wii U, but according to Nintendo there may be some life left in the Wii yet.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32384d ago

That's cool, I'd buy them if they're good along with any other games I've missed, to go along with my Wii U.

deep_fried_bum_cake2384d ago

That's quite high, but obviously there will still be a lot of games being developed for the Wii as a products life cycle doesn't just suddenly end when the next thing comes along.

Cajun Chicken2384d ago

Bloody hope one of these is a translation of Dynamic Slash.

Titanz2384d ago

At least the Wii U has Wii playback, so Wii U owners won't miss out.

MacUser19862384d ago

I don't really care, I've played everything I've wanted on Wii now it's time to drop the price of Virtual Console games so I get what I want.

Donkey Kong series on SNES please? :)

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