Examiner - Razer Onza TE Xbox 360 controller review

The Razer Onza Tournament Edition is an Xbox 360 controller made by Razer that is meant to give gamers an edge in competitive play with its unique design and additional buttons.

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PerpetualMathx102332d ago

this controller is absolute garbage i have one

light weight
button mapping
smaller than standard controller
joystick sensitivity
light up buttons

buttons seem to go from responsive to unresponsive to the joystick sensor getting stuck so in all my games my characters would be looking straight up in the air. the controller became less responsive with time, then just stopped working with in 3 months.

ThichQuangDuck2332d ago

It does stop working rather quickly but is great if y ou get a working one. My first one was great then it was dropped filed warranty and the 3 I have gotten since have had various problems. Will just keep filing warranty because it is a great controller overall. I miss these controllers from last gen

wish 3rd party controllers were more unique this gen

fatboyfsx2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Yea, unfortunately they do break very quickly.

I have gone through around 5 or 6 of them, luckily I got mine at Best Buy and got the extended warranty for $8. The longest I've had one last was around 6 months.

My most recent one broke when the right trigger started responding erratically. Others have had the joysticks go limp, bumper buttons stop working.

It really sucks cause I love the controller, the rubberized feel is awesome, shape is excellent and the buttons are awesome when they work correctly.

I really hope they come out with a revised version made of better quality parts, till then I am going to keep swapping them as they break haha.

I have only used the TE version, anyone have better luck with the regular version? I think the joystick tension adjusters on the TE model help the joysticks die faster, so I'd be curious to try the regular model, though from what I've read it seems to have similar issues unfortunately.

Edit: I forgot to mention, the MadCatz MLG controllers are really badass, but the tension on the sticks feels very strange, maybe it's just me. They are on the pricy side too, but do offer some pretty cool options and they continue to release more stuff for them.

PerpetualMathx102332d ago

i used to love the third party controllers for the original xbox! i had one similar to the Nyko 81424 Airflo Ex haha, ah good memories..

000000000000000000012332d ago

I purchased one to play the Witcher 2 on my PC and it works great on both my PC and 360.

Acekidder2332d ago

first party all the way.

JellyJelly2332d ago

Yup. Still the best controller money can buy.