Kingdom Hearts HD Remix To Be Shown At E3 2012 For PS3, Wii U, and PS VITA

Dual Pixels - We've gotten word that next week, all of the titles you see in the image above will be remastered into what we currently know as Kingdom Hearts: HD Remix or Kingdom Hearts: Remembrance. Our reoccurring source Geno, who had been the first to break news about the Castlevania Lord of Shadows sequel prior to anyone else, has informed us

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PirateThom2701d ago

I have never played a Kingdom Hearts game, but if they can bring them all in one collection I would check it out.

NastyLeftHook02701d ago

there great games, you have my recommendation.

Abash2701d ago

How would the DS games look in HD? O_o?

But if this is true, Tetsuya Nomura officially hates the Xbox brand lol

AmkOwns2701d ago

Xbox isn't that popular in Japan im guessing

The_Devil_Hunter2701d ago

Man they are some of my favorite games!!! Damn it so good to be agaemr

PshycoNinja2701d ago

I remember playing Kingdom Hearts 1 when I was 12 in 2002. It was the first game I ever cried to. The ending was so beautiful.

Thom I would not pass up these games. I remember when I first heard about the disney in the game I refused to play it. My childhood friend promised if I didnt like the game after playing two hours he would buy me a pizza. Sad to say, I never got that pizza. The next day I bought a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts.

2701d ago
gta28002701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I remember talking a lot of shit about the first Kingdom Hearts. Calling it gay cause of all the Disney characters...I didn't even really know much about the game other than the fact that it had Disney characters in it....then my friend brought it over one day and lets just say I ate a lot of my words that day. Kinda learned not to judge a book by it's cover after that incident cause that game became one of my favorite RPG's. Right behind Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 10.

Kevin McCallister2701d ago

@1.1.7 Same thing happened to me. I remember getting on the school bus and my friend showed me Kingdom Hearts in EGM. I couldn't believe he was showing me a Disney game, so I definitely clowned him for it. Then the game came out and it became one of my favorite series ever. I have all the games except Birth By Sleep because S-E won't put it on the damn PSN store so I can download it on Vita. This news here must be the reason why.

TheLyonKing2700d ago

agreed the story is well thicked out and the only reason people complain is cause its spread over multiple systems but having it untifyed would be a clever idea.

Everything from orginal socres to the opening themes are done to a T

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Tired2701d ago

After scoffing at them and being told to give them a chance I did. I really enjoyed them.

A lot of eastern philosophy mixed with Disney characters with FFesque gameplay.

FlareDReborn2701d ago

I've been waiting so long for this to get confirmed...I cannot wait till it releases!

Stephen55432701d ago

I really want this to be true, but this is technically a rumor. Definitely not confirmed yet.

princejb1342701d ago

i pray this is true
love this game
maybe square enix will finally do something right this gen
since they don't want to deliver ff7

iamlegend99992701d ago

Square enix has been doing fine. Don't know what your talking about. But KINGDOM HEARTS HD COLLECTION!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

Totoro172701d ago

13 disagrees say otherwise iamlegend9999 (one of those were mine). SE has been dragging this series through the mud just to make a quick buck. Honestly, I would have preferred KH3 news, but's a step in the right direction.

Nimblest-Assassin2701d ago

Same... never had a PS2... but people rave about KH... I might get this collection for vita

Veneno2701d ago

Yup. Never plaayed a KH game either. I would totally play this on Vita. Handheld is the best way to experience older gen and classic games IMO.

user54670072701d ago

Wouldn't you think they would wait untill Dream Drop Distance is out before they do something like this

I mean isn't DDD a key game to play before they bring out KH3...I know a long way off but still

The ending of DDD apparently sets up the events of KH3 so you would think that would be in here aswell

I mean it's bad enough they came up the most ridiculous idea of making them for Nintendos handhelds anyway since most KH fans are more likely to have a PS3/PSP/PSV instead...especialy with DDD a game which is needed to understand the story in KH3

Outside_ofthe_Box2701d ago

KH3D definitely needs to be in this collection.

BUT I am HYPED as sh** right now and this is ONLY A RUMOR... I pray that this is true(with the addition of KH3D).

jhenri2701d ago

The rumor is about them announcing the HD collection not when they are releasing it. They can announce it at e3 and wait for KH3d to release it.

ReservoirDog3162701d ago

Haha, this is the* best news I could've hoped to get! It's all the good ones! Finally people will get to play BBS! I hope it's the final mix versions too!

I really love KH...

I'll be so sad if this doesn't get announced.

Sevir2701d ago

Its pretty crazy but that'll be the only other HD collection worth getting for me besides the ICO collection!

Cryptcuzz2701d ago

You should really check them out. The story is pretty cool, the game is fun to play, and the characters are memorable.

fatstarr2701d ago

this would make me angry
since I have all of these games
and i bought a Psp for birth by sleep.

@thom they are reallt good. illegally id say pick up a ps2 emulator and check it out.

legally buy a 10$ ps2 and a 10$ used copy of KHII

its the same thing since sony already got their money for the console and the square got their money for the game.

MEsoJD2701d ago

I can see PS3 getting all games except the 3ds one. I doubt the WiiU would anything, but the 3ds version. Why? because every title, but the 3ds have sony properties, if I'm not mistaken.

showtimefolks2701d ago

one collection for 60 bucks in HD i will get it day one

Jazz41082701d ago

And you base it on what....a rumor. In that case Sony lost as in most of the founding people from square formed Mistwalker and refuse to work on anything sony. That's pretty bad when a japanese company gives them the cold shoulder. That fact but if rumors are what you like then how about splinter cell on 360 exclusive. Since journey keeps being brought up like a full title then I guess arcade games count and in that case MS has way more exclusives this gen then sony and at the retail level both company's are neck in neck with ms having a small advantage an that's funny as sony fans claim ms has no games bu was really true is sony had no games period until just the last few years.

Xof2701d ago

I never played any of the sequels. I remember liking the first game, just not enough to buy the others when they came out. I've been thinking of trying one of the DS or that new 3DS games, but feel like I'd kind of be "out of the loop." I'd like to get into 'em again (I remember really loving some parts of the first game) but the franchise isn't really accessible at the moment.

Thanks largely to Sony's removal of b/c, and S-E's refusal to toss any of the PSP games up on the PSN.

I would very much welcome an HD port.

NBT912701d ago

Even if they dont, give them a try, Thom, if you can, they are great. I will say the first one is a bit underwhelming but from KH2 onwards where they knew they had a success, the plot and gameplay options really picked up.

Raoh2701d ago

You will enjoy them, I promise.

Mykky2701d ago

I'm guessing there will be two collections. One with KH 1 and 2 and one with the handheld 358/2, BBS and Chain of memories. This is only me guessing but i'm guessing square-enix is after money.

Although this is super awesome and I really hope it comes in one collection!

Jourdy2882700d ago

I haven't touched the Kingdom Hearts series either, if there's an HD collection I'll buy it.


well if it does happen , at least it be a lot easier to follow the story now and wait for KH3 in 2025

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Snookies122701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Oh my God, if this is true... I'll buy 3 copies just to show support... Lol!

PshycoNinja2701d ago

Honestly, I would buy the PS3 and Vita version if its already not bundled together!

interrergator2701d ago

i will go bananas if this shit is real!!!!!!!!!!!

araman2701d ago

I know this would be crazy, but it's not clear from any of the info - is this supposed to be a collection, or will they all be released separately?

Summons752701d ago

So keeping this a secret from the wife just to see the reaction on her face seeing she is in love with the franchise

RedDead2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Me three

Edit--_What PopRocks? Wtf with all the disagrees? Shi* joke?

PopRocks3592701d ago

Somebody really needs a girlfriend.

SandWitch2701d ago

Lol, your joke was funny. Don't know why you got the disagrees :D

stuntman_mike2701d ago

Humour is officially dead on N4G!