Nintendo Hinting At Initial Game releases for Wii U

Today, via the Nintendo Wii U Facebook account, a Facebook update was posted with hints towards the initial game releases that would be for the Wii U.

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dark-hollow2332d ago

Can't wait to play ▒▒▒▒▒

PopRocks3592332d ago

Lol. One has to wonder if the names character count matches those as well.

dark-hollow2332d ago

Good catch.
You can see they aren't the same amount of characters so it's very possible.

AO1JMM2332d ago

Day one purchase for me.

Y_51502332d ago

Someone has said that it was Super Mario Bros. 4!

portal_22332d ago

The second one is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

portal_22332d ago

The last one is Batman: Arkham City

DivineAssault 2332d ago

any exclusive 3rd party games? i dont want anymore mario