The State of Microsoft, Pre-E3

Michael Futter writes Yesterday, we shared with you our thoughts on what Sony might thinking ahead of their E3 2012 press conference. Today, we're taking on Microsoft, and if the last two years are any indication, we're likely to see far more of the Kinect than the average gamer cares for. Barring a surprise on Monday morning, the Redmond, Washington powerhouse could be in a lot of trouble for the coming year.

Last week, I shared my belief that the recent rash of delays was an indicator that Microsoft and/or Sony had tipped off publishers that the next big thing would indeed be unveiled to the public at E3. Again, pushing off nearly completed titles to 2013 means that developers can both start to work on next-gen titles and leave publishes with enough rounds in the chamber to close out this console cycle. I may be wrong (and if I am, expect me to post a story about it), but only time will tell.

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browland12332d ago

Microsoft's showing at E32 2011 was underwhelming at best and I hope they have more than just Halo 4 and a bunch of Kinect titles in their cannon. A surprise reveal of an unexpected game or even their next generation console would really shake things up.

RedDead2332d ago

Underwhelming from a gaming perspective. It was quality though, in terms of entertainment.

EVILDEAD3602332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

It's easy to predict much of what MS does because they have always been smart about what they show at E3.

You simply promote your strengths and that's ALL that matters at the end.

Halo 4's 200-man development team is arguably the best ever assembled. We are talking a game that will shape the future of MS gaming. Of course this game gets the red carpet treatment as it will be the biggest exclusive in 2012.

Bungie's Destiny now leaked as a potential gen exclusive for the 360 should definately make the stage.

Forza Horizon could also arguably be on the the best racing teams assembled with the core mixture of Turn 10, Bizarre Creations, and Black Rock studios. Could be the sleeper franchise that alternates with the main Forza down the line.

Black Ops 2 is the #1 anticipated exclusive for PS3 gamers as well as the 360. The success of that game usually has it's roots with an appearance on the Micrsoft stage.

Who cares about the Kinect haters online. The fact is millions bought it and there is a potential for millions to purchase it this holiday.

This is clearly the best lineup by far Kinect has ever had with Fable: Journey and Steel Batallion at lead.

I still say if EAs Madden 13 and Fifa 13 (or Fight Night 13) shows off the new Kinect integration on-stage it will be big for the 360 as a whole.

I love how XBLA has turned into the huge array of great experiences..Dead Light looks nothing short of amazing IMO. I hope Summer of Arcade makes the E3 stage. (still praying for Shadow Complex 2)

Xbox Live advancement will obviously make up some of the show and it'll be curious to see if the rumored Kinect powered browser makes it.

MS has the good for an overall huge show and has the potential to shock the naysayers and announce the 720 at the end of the show. Which I believe is a likely scenario.


BrutallyBlunt2332d ago


Halo 4's team was assembled to carry on what Bungie built. It's the same thing as Activision and creating a new team to continue the Call of Duty franchise. Again this is playing it safe and milking a franchise for all its worth.

Bungie's new title could have a huge impact, I agree. However if it's true that the title is going to be a MMO game good luck. Consumers are not going to pay monthly fees on top of Live fees unless they make it free to play with hidden costs. Still XBOX Live has proven the limitations and restrictions of XBOX Live which explains the countless efforts of getting other MMO games on the service. Live is too restrictive of a network for a real MMO to work.

Forza Horizon? I love the franchise but again why is Microsoft relying so heavily on so few franchises? Bring back Project Gotham. Now we have a Fable spin-off, they did a Halo spin-off too. Create more IP's.

Kinect can sell a billion but it does me no good if the games are mostly non-playable. You really think 80 million people play Wii games each day? No, they bring it out every so often just like they do with Kinect. These devices are not created for day to day use and the Wii has fallen drastically because people got bored of it. The fad wore off and the same will happen with Kinect because under all that glamour and millions of dollars in advertisement is a device that barely works.

Kinect in EA games will be a huge fail because most of those sports games rely on accuracy. Who wants to play FIFA Kinect if all it is good at is penalty kicks? The device is limited and the best hope for Kinect is being integrated with the controller but only if it makes sense. It makes no sense to me (and probably most) to speak the lines in Mass Effect. Using it to look in your side mirrors on Forza does. Microsoft is slow to adapt and fearful of taking risks. That's why they rely on others to create fads so they can add money to it and try and call it their own.

SKUD2332d ago

I usually hate Mondays but this is a must watch. This should provide what direction MS is going to stick with till the next generation hits. They will be discussing kinect for sure but I hope its not the main focus of the conference.

C0MPUT3R2332d ago

Start off with CoD, then pose a bunch of multiplats as exclusives w/tacked on Kinect. Apps. Show Forza, Fable, HALO. The End.

Acekidder2332d ago

like sony or nintedo have any majot surprises i think not.

Sony show god of war ratchet and clank and maybe a few vita games that wont sell the end, Nintendo show catch up wii u with new gimmick controller show another mario and zelda zzzz the end.

BitbyDeath2332d ago

Sony could surprise people with Quantic Dream's new game and maybe Rockstars Agent. (Also Sony have said they are saving a surprise for E3)

Nintendo obviously have many surprises with their new console and no doubt a ton of games of what we can expect for it.

BuffMordecai2332d ago

If you're bored with what Nintendo and Sony are offering, I can't imagine the grief that will come when you witness the 360's line-up.

AgreeFairy2332d ago

We may not be looking forward to anything that Microsoft has to show game wise but it's always entertaining to see the memes/gifs that pop up afterwards.

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