Review: Dragon’s Dogma (darkzero)

"I'm just going to get this off my chest and out there before I begin this review: I'm completely over RPG's. I'm tired of taking Material x for Quest-giver y in order to receive Potion z. The formula is that of many RPG's these days, and that's just the problem to me. The genre has just gotten too...formulaic. No one wants to run around casting Thundagagagaga at the same three enemies over and over for 30 hours. It's a practice of sheer tedium, and one I'm quite frankly sick of."

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The_Devil_Hunter2332d ago

A spectacular game indeed, deserves all high scores it gets, im currently level 30 and Im enjoying the hell out of it. I am not an RPG fan either.

Dread2332d ago

This game is amazing!

I highly recommend it. Specially if u liked Dark Souls. It has a bit of that feel to it.

evilbart2332d ago

Totally agree not even a big gamer and cant stop playing this game once you get into its amazing

brodychet2332d ago

Just beat this, at level 55, what an experience. I loved it all.. Loved it.

rezzah2331d ago

Was wondering if you start a new game plus do you continue with your level?

MysticStrummer2331d ago

Yup you keep your level and all your stuff will be in storage. You'll still have to start as one of the basic classes, but any other classes you unlocked in the first playthrough will be available when you hit the appropriate level. I just wish the difficulty had gone up for NG+, but I'm still loving the game at level 75.

Xandet2331d ago

What the game lacks in plot progression it makes up for in pure unadulterated fun. I look forward to every single battle, no matter how minuscule, and think about playing it even when I'm not. I haven't experienced that with a videogame in YEARS. It's a real shame that some will overlook this game because they base their decisions on the mainstream media and their rushed, highly mediocre reviews (IGN and Kotaku immediately come to mind). This is a game that shouldn't be taken at face value; one that deserves to be played for hours on end, and then some. Curious how reviewers like this, who obviously took their sweet time with the game, give DD a glowing recommendation, yet the ones working on a deadline taint it with 6's and 7's. If anything, the game deserves to be TRIED. If you do, I can 100% guarantee you'll be more than pleasantly surprised.