Battlefield 3 Premium Confirmed By @Battlefield

The @Battlefield Twitter account has recently confirmed the existence of the Battlefield 3 Premium service and has said that we will have to wait until June 4th (the first day of E3 2012) for official details and information.

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Hufandpuf3198d ago

all the hate it's getting is undeserved. It's literally $10 cheaper if you buy Premium as opposed to buying all the DLC one by one.

HK63198d ago

Exactly, and if you didn't get Back to Karkand for free, it's $25 cheaper for all the expansions.

venom063198d ago

exactly... the majority of the folks making stupid comments are probably MW3 12yrs that don't even play BF3 anyway.. REMEMBER, people were all butthurt over ELITE at first and now it has 2 million paid subscribers.... i think that negative knee-jerk reaction is common place in the video game world..

creatchee3198d ago

To be fair, the only people butthurt over Elite were Battlefield fanboys. Maybe butthurt is the wrong word, but I'm going off of your comment. But regardless, COD fans were never the ones complaining about Elite - it was COD haters.

Fact is that both Elite and Premium are optional ways to enhance your experience for either game. But it's not like you miss out if you don't subscribe. And nobody is holding a gun to gamers' heads making them do so.

DarrenLambert3198d ago

People are upset because slowly but surely gaming is starting to become a subscription based entity. It starts with Premium subscription for all dlc and future dlc, then premium sub for dlc strictly then who knows, subscribe to EA and it is the only way to get games like Battlefield 3 and Madden. It's a slippery slope.

Zha1tan3198d ago

I couldnt care about the price, its the fact DICE as a developer emphasised how they would never do a subscription based service.

Im more annoyed at how much DICE a once great developer is being warped by EA to try to compete with COD by trying to be COD at the sacrifice of lying to their community and doing everything their community doesnt want them to do.

Sorry but the idea behind a subscription service for a dumb arcade shooter is just unforgivable, everyone does realise this is an experiment to see how many people are willing to pay for this so next installment they can see if they can charge you to play online.

Sorry but for my big sandbox warfare il be on Planetside 2 & DUST 514, 2 FREE TO PLAY MMOS who dont charge a dime for playing.

Dice, EA you are just disgusting.

Hufandpuf3198d ago

How is it a subscription if it gives a discount for those that'll end up buying all the DLC anyway?

It's more like a "if you want to get more features and save money, then get this instead rather than just buying them when they come out.

Think of it more like a season pass with extra content.

Zha1tan3198d ago

Is a subscription because you sign up for it and pay for it yearly....

My concern isnt with the season pass method, it is what it will lead to in practice.

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BALLARD323198d ago

As if they don't have enough money already.

Dazel3198d ago

It's just milking the franchise, no different than renting out the servers. So idiots now pay to play something that was free before. Dice used to be better than this, better than Twactivision, now they are all rolling around in the same shit!

moodgamer3198d ago

Why Rent a server in consoles its a bad thing? Why cant i have the oportunity to make a private server for my clan? You must think aobout those things. Isnt just about making money is giving players what they want for competing online.

Dazel3198d ago

In itself it isn't but they left so few servers for those who don't want to play on them.I paid my money and was very happy with the way things were, now i hardly ever play.

Also its a slippery slope, once they know you will pay for servers they will make you pay other things that used to be included, what next? Guns? They wanted to before BF3 was launched,if folk keep coughing up the dough whats to stop them.

jimmywolf3198d ago

while i agree when you watch someone else charging make millions for what you give for free won't your start charging too?

Dazel3198d ago

Doesn't make it right though, does it? EA used to be the evil empire but seemed to pull themselves back from the brink with new ip's etc. Dice always had a position of being for the gamer and not the $$$.

Now it seems all that good work is slipping away...

vortis3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

What's worse are the idiots supporting this

"Take my consumer freedoms! I don't want them anymore! My monies mean nothing to me....NOTHINGGGGGG!"

These same idiots will also be defending when we're paying $10 an hour for single-player content using the following excuse..."Well, on the Neo Geo it used to cost up to $300 for a game, so it's a better deal now than ever before."

John Riccitiello is laughing at all the piss poor gamers supporting this trend of transforming great video game products into premium services.

1st they took our mods

2nd they make us pay for maps that used to be mods

3rd they take dedicated servers

4th they make you rent servers from them

5th they up the price of DLC

6th they implement subscription service to replace DLC

7th they'll slowly take out single-player content

8th they'll make you pay extra for it

9th they'll start making all gameplay modes always-on

10th video games will die

MacDonagh3198d ago

EA making more money?

How precious.

Motorola3198d ago

Lol how about no. Server queue priority? Completely unfair.. the DLC and all I Understand but queue priority? I could be waiting in queue for 5 minutes and when a spot is about to open up, a premium member joins and takes it. Sounds like fun. EA killing a great game