Epic Games 'victorious' in Silicon Knights lawsuit

CVG:Mark Rein, the vice president of sales at the Unreal Engine vendor, has claimed that a Jury in a North Carolina court "finds for Epic on all counts.

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NYC_Gamer2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

SK should be a shamed of themselves trying to blame everyone because Too Human sucked....I can't stand the UE with its plastic ugly looking character models but SK can't blame the engine for how poorly the gameplay was...

Kurylo3d2335d ago

arkham city doesnt look like plastic.. or ugly... just saying...

But aside from that.. i agree with you totally. Too Human was a joke. They have only themselves to blame. Countless studios have made unreal 3 work for their needs... if silicon knights couldnt find a way its cause they are garbage.

PS. Silicon knights.. your metal gear solid remake on gamecube was DOG SHIT.. solid snake doesnt do back flips over doors.

morganfell2335d ago

The real loser in this affair is the gamer. Not because Denis Dyack was punished, he needed to be.

But we lost because Silicon Knights became lost, lost in their direction. When Too Human was originally conceived for the PlayStation it was a dark cyberpunk tale in a dystopian future that had more in common with Mona Lisa Overdrive than it did with Norse Mythology.

Kurylo3d2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I have no faith in silicon knights... to me every thing they put out is trash.

Like i said.. how do u take the perfection of metal gear solid... and add little quirky things to it in their solid snake doing a cartwheel over a door.. a super high leaping cartwheel... so he could listen to the conversation better...

Solid snake doesnt have super human powers... lol..

That alone was enough for me to never want to buy a single game of theirs... ever. lol.. Too human looked like trash anyway. Not just graphically... but just uninteresting.

Persistantthug2335d ago

So, does this basically mean Silicon Knights will be out of business?

NYC_Gamer2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Epic confirms courtroom triumph - Silicon Knights must pay $4.5m


SK might go under.......

2335d ago
John Kratos2335d ago

If Silicon hadn't started this stupid battle, Too Human would have been much better. Seeing as how SK wouldn't of had to rebuild the entire game on a new engine.

I still want a Too Human 2.

Kurylo3d2335d ago

if silicon hadnt started this battle.. they wouldnt owe epic an extra 4.5 million dollars since epic counter sued and apparently won claiming silicon stole parts of unreal engine to make their own engine lol.