Dragon's Dogma: Bad controls tarnish great combat | Bitmob Review

Dragon's Dogma surpasses many role-playing games in terms of its detailed and rewarding combat model; however, Capcom's control schemes unfortunately mar the experience.

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magiskan2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

whoever writes these reviews is an idiot. controls are fine and so is the game. trust me i grew up with shinning force and final fantasy 7. maybe they should get people who know what there talking about to comment so they don't ruin somones oppurtunity to play somthing good.

Xof2335d ago

Controls aren't quite as "perfectly executed" as say, Dark Souls, but they're pretty damn good nonetheless. I guess they can be hard when you first start playing, but once you know what you're doing HOT DAMN are they fluid.

My only real gripe with 'em is the lack of a lock-on feature.

Still, I've been more impressed by Dragon's Dogma than any other game this generation, period. I really--REALLY--hope it becomes a new franchise.

DaCajun2334d ago

I agree with you except about the lock-on thing. Too many games are holding so called gamers hands and making it too easy that it gets boring fast. If the controls were crappy then I would say they needed lock-on but since the controls are stable, the free aim is pretty decent.

Xof2334d ago

@DaCajun: It's not an issue of hand-holding, it's an issue of the camera. Even something as simple as orienting the camera toward a specific target would go a long way, and eliminate the single most annoying part of the game: staring at the Cyclop's anus throughout the whole fight.

Just imagine a sequel where, say, there's a "hidden" lock-on feature (as in something that's automatic, not up to player control). The moment you hit an enemy, the camera focuses on that enemy and zooms in or out or pans or whatever so you can get a better view. Stop hitting him for 2 seconds, camera goes back to default. This is what I'm talking about.

I am not by any means suggesting anything like auto-aim or, ulgh, "bending lasers" be incorporated in a game like this. There's more than enough of that crap already.

nrvalleytime2335d ago

How did this get approved without a review score attached? :-)

Great review, but you should have the score listed here as well.

JAMurida2335d ago

Controls are fine in the game. The only thing that I would say is a flaw in the game is the lack of a difficulty option. As you get further in the game it tends to get easier and it becomes a thing of your character getting stronger but everything else stays the same.

I can only hope for DLC that has stronger mobs that at least scale higher than your level or that they make an update to make new game+ have the option for harder mobs.

nrvalleytime2335d ago

Completely agree. Haven't seen the game's difficulty progressively follow my leveling. I think it'll probably be corrected via a patch rather than DLC though. Capcom usually corrects gameplay balances pretty quickly, even if they release ridiculously pricey DLC.

b_one2335d ago

Agree with agree - controls are FINE

Tdmd2335d ago

Doesn't it get harder in NG+, just like soul series? If not, what's the point of playing it again once you finished?

JAMurida2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )



I backed up my save before getting the clear for my save and tried out New Game+ to see if the wiki was true about the mobs being stronger in New Game+


I was just exploring around and most everything I was fighting was just getting one/two shot by me or was just plain easy to kill. They had the dark version of some of the big mobs, but they died quick as well.

As I said above though, I can only hope they update or whatever to make New Game+ have a difficulty option like nightmare mob or something.


Been there, not really any different, IMO. But then again my character's around level 80ish with really good gear, so that might be the reason. I was thinking about downgrading my gear or just going solo with just main pawn to make it harder.

Tdmd2334d ago


Thanks for the info. I aways love a good, challenging NG+ in my games, too bad DD don't have one... still, Ill keep an eye on patches and updates news from now on.

dc12335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

SKYRIM says hi.

The controls are fine. 20 hrs in, I can not understand why this game isn't getting the due praise it deserves.

Very awesome game!

ilikeyou2335d ago

because it doesnt have a big markting budge like skyrim.
i dont have the game yet but it wont be casual gamers reviewing it who will stop me from buying it sooner or later.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2334d ago

Bingo. You could sell packaged feces to the masses and with the right marketing and advertisements,make a fortune.

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