GameSpot- Resistance: Burning Skies Review

GameSpot- When the world you know is being overrun by ferocious hordes of murderous aliens, things can get frantic. The Resistance series has always done a great job of complementing its dire circumstances with equally fraught action, but in Burning Skies, both elements lack their usual luster.

The story fails to capture the desperation of humanity's plight, and your Chimeran enemies attack with patterned diligence as opposed to the swarming intensity of Resistances past. There are some fun guns to shoot and a competent online multiplayer offering, but if Burning Skies is any indication of the fervor with which we would fight for our survival, humanity is in trouble.

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MrDead2384d ago

So this games review scores range from 3/10 - 10/10...... Well that helps. Just shows how useless reviews are, only you can make your own mind up on these matters.

I think COD and Assassin's Creed games are the dullest thing in creation but they are some of the highest rated games you can buy. I guess just buy the games that suite your tastes and you'll always be happy. I find myself disagreeing with so many sites now I hardly read reviews anymore.

murkster-dubez2384d ago

Its evident reviewers are struggling to separate the console version from the vita version.

360GamerFG2384d ago

God of War, Uncharted, Peace walker and even Resistance Retribution all say hi. Clearly reviewers have been able to separate console versions from their handheld counterparts when reviewing in the past.
Your arguement holds on water.

murkster-dubez2384d ago

Clearly you did not read the review, the first negative is a direct comparison to console versions not the psp one. 'Struggles to replicate the combat intensity of previous games in the series'.