Wii U eBook capabilities confirmed?

Several months ago a rumour appeared stating that the Wii U would be capable of being used as an eBook reader. Now, rumours have re-emerged, this time with more conclusive proof.

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Akuma-2385d ago ShowReplies(9)
Jourdy2882385d ago

eBooks on my game console? How absolutely scaaandalous!
In all seriousness, this isn't really a big deal, but if the rumor's true, it's an added value for the Wii U. There's no reason the Wi U shouldn't be usable for eBooks.

TheColbertinator2385d ago

I certainly hope we get an e-reader on WiiU.Would certainly add value to the console in the long run especially if we can use the Kindle store for downloading books.

Saladin4162385d ago

wait i thought the Wii U controller will only work in close proximity to the Wii U, this would be kind of a pointless feature if you cant dl new books or anything

maniacmayhem2385d ago

Maybe the WiiU controller itself has some memory in it where you can can dl and store items. This way you can take the pad with you wherever.

darthv722385d ago

it has an sd card slot for local storage. That could imply that you would be able to take the sd card from the wii-u and insert it into the controller to play VC games or wiiware titles.

that would be great if true.

Grimhammer002385d ago

Lol.....this is what it's come too? My console is an ereader too! So take that!

My god the WiiU better be awesome.....because if it's the train wreck I think it is you'll hear me! Lol

Seriously though....even if the ereader/controller somehow had a 4g dongle to be used away from the console....would you be caught dead with it downtown?

Have you ever tried reading a few chapters of a book on a kindle fire? Or iPad? It's brutal to hold.
Now imagine playing a game for 3hrs?

I promise you a month after WiiU releases nintendites will be proclaiming the old school controller as savior.

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The story is too old to be commented.