How the Xbox 360 Defied Traditional Console Sales Trends

If you said back in 2005 that the Xbox 360 would be pushing more units than the most popular video game console of all time (PS2) did at a similar point in its life cycle most gamers would dismiss you as either misinformed or a lunatic.

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StrongMan2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Don't see what the big deal is. MS was #2 last gen and they are still #2 this gen. Nintendo and Sony switched places. Nintendo and Sony both have console gen wars championship belts around their waste, MS does not. Nintendo is a 3 time champ, Sony is a 2 time champ, and MS has never won that title. MS's fanboys knows this so they make up a new title by saying "Xbox is the #1 HD console". By saying "HD" they can exclude the Wii who is the true winner this gen.

Instead MS's fanboys try to change and create titles and change words to make their God MS look like a champion. It used to be all about exclusives(remember when they said "PS3 has no games"?), and now they say exclusives don't matter but they desperately try to make MS have exclusives that came from the PC platform and coined the term "console exclusive".

They said "I have a console to play games" when the PS3 released with media features and now they are all to happy to pay to use Youtube and Facebook on Xbox.

When people complain about the lack of games on Xbox they post links to MS's financial reports as if we can put that in our console and play it.

When the PS3 released and consistently sold more than Xbox each year they started to only count sales in America.

Because MS can't support their own console with exclusive content like Sony and Nintendo they spend money on DLC to come to Xbox 30 days early and coined the phrase "timed exclusive".

NYC_Gamer2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

The big deal is MS has became successful in a market no one expected them to last in....Give MS some credit for once there's no need to be all bitter....MS brought a real hardcore gaming experience with Halo/online for the first Xbox...

[email protected]
360 might have slipped down with the core exclusives...I'm not gonna ignore what MS brought to the console market though with the original Xbox/early 360 years...


I was talking about the original Xbox when it launched it had the best online console gaming experience at that point and time....

Dante1122429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Funny hearing how the 360 is harcdcore today with their Kinect push (main focus now). I think most journalists and analysts thought the 360 would be successful anyway after Sony revealed it's $599 price tag. Most thought the PS3 wouldn't sell and would end up getting discontinued, but it ended up selling 65 million consoles.

Edit: @ above

The thing that threw me was the "real" part, like other consoles that have come out in the past have never had hardcore gaming experiences.

darthv722429d ago

MS essentially bought their way into this market with the release of the original xbox. Not taking the same steps as Sony did when they were once the new guy but still...they deserve credit for toughing it out.

Some consider the early abandonment of the xbox as a sign of weakness. It was strategy. They knew that to be successful in this (no pun) game you have to be willing to take risks. The risk in dropping the xbox and going forward with 360 (so far) has paid off.

No candy coating about this or that. They have surpassed their original numbers and from their point of view they are winners. Its one thing to outsell yourself but to outsell the competition is a whole other feeling. Both sony and nintendo and (to a lesser extent) Sega know what that feels like.

It is just a sign of the times that you cant stay on top forever. People are wanting something different it seems with each passing gen. Traditionalism is not without its faults. If you stick to one brand then you get labeled a fanboy but if you play the field and pay no allegiance to anything other than gaming in general then you get labeled something else.

MS has been fighting the good fight to be taken seriously. No doubt this gen they turned a quite a few more heads than they did last gen. My only concern is...will they have a better turnout next gen or will they end up like ALL the rest when it comes to their 3rd console release?

For those that dont know, every major console mfg has had a greater success with their 2nd system than they have had with their 3rd. 3rd time isnt always the charm.

adorie2429d ago

I am not one of those people who didn't expect them to fail. Microsoft Corp. has enough money to bully their way into the industry and they have.

They had the Japanese in their pockets for awhile but the Japanese seemed to have wakened up to the fact that they can't sell if they exclude the PS3. especially if they want to put out an HD game in which a lot of PS3 owners bought a PS3 to get those superior JRPGs which are very few this gen...

Also, I would argue that the PS2 was the best console experience period, even with Xbox Live and the custom soundtrack BS. The PS2 had too much of a library to justify me buying another console, so someone else bought it for me. :)

jetlian2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Funny MS bullied their way into gaming even though Sony and Nintendo did too.

Master system was denied games due to nintendo and sony had a buy back policy that made more 3rd parties go to them. go look at mid 90s gamepro,egm, mags for proof

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Hufandpuf2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

You have a serious case of First-World-Problems. These are machines designed to play games and media. It's not that serious.

SuperLupe2429d ago

"Nintendo and Sony both have console gen wars championship belts around their waste, MS does not. Nintendo is a 3 time champ, Sony is a 2 time champ, and MS has never won that title"

Just goes to show how bad Sony is doing this gen compared to the last 2 gens.

Oh and also, you say MS finished 2nd last gen and its the same this gen. No it isnt the same. Last gen they sold 25 million consoles, this gen they are almost at 70 million. Nice try though, I see you fooled your fellow men.

Captain Qwark 92429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

well said 9 (superloop). everything strongman said is true as well but you should still give credit where credit is due.

ms entered a market dominated by two other companies for years, two companies who just got done putting down another company that tried to be successful as well ( sega )

to beat even one of the juggernauts in this market is impressive and holding the number 2 spot twice in a row means that they have stayed pretty consistent where the other two have faulted 1 out of the last 2 gens despite their years of experience.

nintendo has been in the game since the 80's and are practically solely responsible for console gaming thriving today. they were beaten by ms 1 of the last two gens.

sony has been in the game since 95ish and has had two wildly, almost unheard of successful consoles. and yet, they are being beaten currently ( barely, but still )

ms has been in the console game since 2001. to accomplish all they have is impressive. to redefine certain aspects of consoles ( online ) more or less making them standard is impressive.

to go up against a company ( nintendo ) with established franchises more than a decade or two old is impressive.

or another company with more third party support than both combined ( sony ) and still survive is impressive

you can also knock them all you want but the ps3 wouldnt be anywhere near as great as it is without the xbox brand. they brought online to gaming, consistently push the multimedia features, unlike the other 2 will continue to work on their consoles faults through major updates ( sony does a few but they still havent had a major ui overhaul and the xmb sucks )

so while every negative thing strongman said is true, there are still plenty of positive ways to spin it as well which are also all true.

and since ms is the one boasting about their product, why would they want to add in all those negatives??? that make about as much sense as you ( strongman ) mentioning all the positives when your clearly just a fanboy trying to paint the xbox brand in the worst light possible. each company has its ups and downs, and when they boast about the positives, let them have it. who cares.

smashcrashbash2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Very well said. The constant pretense that Microsoft has somehow become the greatest console by warping the facts is annoying at best. Here are the facts. Microsoft is still number two and STILL hasn't dominated a generation like Nintendo and Sony have. They are still behind Nintendo and they are about to launch a new console before they could catch up with the Wii. The 360 hasn't sold as many systems as the PS2 has and is no where near to breaking the 150 million barrier the PS2 did and despite using every trick in the book the PS3, still the most expensive system, only trails by a few million units of the 360.

And now with the next gen coming and Nintendo closer to their level and Sony learning their lesson they have an even harder fight next gen. So like I said many times before the really question is 'Whose b***h will Microsoft be next gen Nintendo's or Sony's'? So throw me all the disagrees you want but it's the truth.I am not going to pretend Microsoft did nothing to the gaming world but I also am not going to pretend that they have somehow dominated anything.Microsoft isn't the company that defines the gaming world and they are not on top like people seem to believe.Call me when they sell 150 million units and are heads high above Nintendo and Sony

Clarence2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I agree with you.

Lets be honest had the 360 released at the same time as the PS3, the PS3 would be in the lead.

Sony set the trend this gen with blu ray, and internet on the PS3 for surfing the web. If you want to really talk about a trend, the PS3 was the most expensive console on the market yet it continues to out sell the the 360.

Nintendo set the trend with motion control.

The only trend that M$ set was having the most unreliable console on the market, and watching other companies take chances on new tech.
Then they swoop in and try to copy it.

Brosy2429d ago

Cry me a fucking river Strongman. The PS3 was supposed to crush the 360 this gen. But right now we are sitting at 63 million PS3's and 67 million 360's WW. 7 years later and the 360 still hasn't been overtaken. Everyone thought that since sony dominated with the PS2, they would dominate with the PS3. It didn't go that way. Microsoft has proven itself this gen. Like it or not.

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Lulz_Boat2429d ago

1 year gap over PS3, and only +1 milion units.
this is a fail.

IQUITN4G2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I predicted 360 dead upon the arrival of PS3, no matter what that price was. PS3 was a certainty in most people's minds following the unstoppable might of the previous 2 generations that Sony had comfortably stomped the opposition to death. The truth is people thought Sony were going to do a repeat of what they'd done so comfortably before and they didn't- far from it in fact

Considering rrod as well, MS has done remarkably well and their might now in America is an enviable position. I backed MS last gen but i had no faith to be honest 360 would make any impact so it's rather shocking it's doing so well

Nobody could have predicted how much pie Sony would lose this gen and on top of this, Japan isn't taken quite as seriously anymore by gamers and that's a bigger deal that people think concerning Sony. No matter how you look at this, MS has done superbly well and Sony rather less so this gen

Personally i'd rather there was just the one format and so it's nice how things have become more even

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darthv722429d ago

do you have a 360 now that it has done better than you expected?

That seems to be a trend like many gens before it. Dedicated gamers may start off with one platform but at some point during the gen they end up getting the others as well.

Nothing wrong with playing the field except it gets a bit more costly with so many choices.

IQUITN4G2429d ago

I got mine at launch. Luckily i tend to be picky and play only a few games through the year. i don't spend much for those reasons and i'm happy with just my 360. It is certainly costly though yes if you're heavily into keeping up with it all on each format. One format would be nice

BrutallyBlunt2429d ago

People can argue all day long, it really has no effect. I think the Playstation right now is the better system, there, I said it. That doesn't matter because most of these lunatics here on N4G that bicker back and forth are nobodies and are actually just the minority out there with loud voices.

We need competition, we don't need one company dominating. Sony decided to price the Playstation 3 up to $600. That wasn't Microsofts fault or Nintendos.

One thing I will give major props to Microsoft is making Sony more accountable. Now consumers have a much better choice this gen and will going into next gen. I like having choices but it's clear on N4G who they continue to root for. Problem is, who's listening?

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