New Little King's Story Coming To The Playstation Vita This Summer

Konami anounced today that New Little King's Story would be coming to the PS Vita this summer, with a brand new storyline and online features.

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Sanquine902385d ago

<3 :D new games for my vita. BTW its not a port its a sequal

BringingTheThunder2385d ago

it probably wont differ too much from the original though

Sanquine902385d ago

DUH! Do not change things that work:D It was fun! Do not change the experience

Spenok2383d ago

Good, the first was awesome!

This is also very good news. Cant wait for this to hit. Now that Resistance is out and keeping my attention (though I wish MP would work) And Gravity Rush coming on the 12th, with MGS collection, and what I can only imagine will be several other games announced come tuesday what with E3 and all. Vita is finally starting to have some games roll out for it. I am excited :D

123_3212385d ago

The dev needs to hype this game up a bit. You rarely see anything about it.

TrendyGamers2385d ago

Yeah, it was a really good Wii game and the Vita version should be better.

BringingTheThunder2385d ago

i'll be checking this one out for sure

Menchi2384d ago

Looking forward to it! I loved it on Wii, here's hoping they can repeat the magic with a new, fresh story

bub162384d ago

ive never heard of this game before. but it quite interesting!

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