CD Projekt RED's new triple-A RPG is a Cyberpunk game with similar feel to the Blade Runner movie

DSOGaming writes: "First and foremost, the game is called Cyberpunk and is based on Mike Pondsmith’s 1988 Cyberpunk, a pen & paper RPG system. CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk promises to feature rich and futuristic world, ultra modern technology, as well as decadent and degenerated human society."

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NYC_Gamer2334d ago

I'm not really feeling the Cyberpunk art style....CD Projekt has never let me down so i'm gonna support the new project.....I'm happy they are still putting focus on mature story telling and gameplay....I hope CD Projekt choices a good publisher who won't step in the way of their creative ideas...

Nate-Dog2334d ago

I like what I'm reading, although I want to see something on it first but I expect with it being CDPR it'll be a good game.

tallkidoPL2334d ago


redDevil872334d ago

This ^

People have been wanting a Blade Runner-esque game for agesssss.

Now we have it!

beerkeg2334d ago

Ridley Scott announces that he's going to make a Blade Runner sequel, which is one of my favourite films of all time. And now we are getting an rpg with a Blade Runner feel from one of the best rpg devs on the planet.

These are good times.

john22334d ago

Seriously? After Prometheus a Blade Runner sequel? Take my moneeeeeeeeeeeeey

Ser2334d ago

If I had a top three movies list, at least three of Scott's films would make it.

Blade Runner

The man is a genius.

beerkeg2334d ago

That would be similar to my list DrakBlack. The guy has amazing vision when he makes films, he's meticulous with all the details.

I'm going to see Prometheus on Saturday, and I have the anticipation for it that is usually reserved for small children on Christmas Eve.

I love going to watch films anyway, but I know this is going to be something special.

Ser2334d ago

I feel you, beerkeg. It's quite the coincidence that my birthday should fall upon the exact same day as Prometheus' opening, June 8th. I think Mr. Scott wanted me to have an extra special birthday this year. :)

Can't wait to learn more about the Space Jockeys!

Nevers2334d ago


Really? A Bladerunner sequel?? I'm excited but disappointed.

Fyflin2334d ago

This sounds awesome!!

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