Review: Sorcery (New Gamer Nation)

Few games managed to capture the essence and true potential of the Playstation Move like Sorcery did during its E3 debut in 2010. Gamers got very excited seeing that preview and most of the hype surrounding the Move can be attributed to this game. Unfortunately, this game took quite a while to get to the marketplace, and some even questioned whether this game was going to see a proper release. To the delight of Move fans everywhere, Sorcery is finally here, and it manages to take its rightful place among Playstation Move libraries everywhere.

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CaptainMarvelQ82425d ago

this,the game that i bought the move for two years back and had so much hype when it was announced;releases with not one single care in the world

seriously,i didnt even know it was released hadnt it been for the reviews.What happened ?

newgamernation2425d ago

Well the company that developed it was a brand new venture and they hit a lot of problems with the development cycle. This game was supposed to release at the same time as the move but was delayed til now. Now that the move isn't doing great, people just don't care about move titles and that is a shame since this is a decent game.

Machioto2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I never heard that,I read sorcery's Demo at e3 was a playable proof of concept,which turned in to an actual game.