Blizzard Recruiting at Game Developers Conference

Blizzard Entertainment will be recruiting new developers and staff for all the Worldwide offices at the upcoming 2008 Game Developers Conference (GDC) through February 18-22 at the Moscone Center - San Francisco.

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Kirstenlottesovs4668d ago

I'm gonna go ahead and start building up the rumors again...
Diablo 3!!!
I really think diablo 3 is going to be the next Blizzard game. Starcraft 2 has just come out, WoW:Wrath of the lich king has also just been announced. That gets me to the conclusion that blizzard finally have heard the roaming crowd of Diablo gamers, and are going to make a 3rd diablo game.

cjp4eva4668d ago

please dont hype me up and give me hope *cries*

Tyrael4667d ago

We all know its coming. It just needs to be sooner rather than later.