Kuma’s Streaming Call of Duty MW 3 Part 1 Campaign Veteran

Kuma Wrote: There is nothing like waking up one morning and you find yourself being wheeled into a hidden emergency room about to get patched up because you had a knife in your stomach. That is if you played Modern Warfare 2, you would know what I am talking about and sympathies with my claim. I acquired Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 yesterday during our nice heat in NYC to finally get a game in with my friends, I will not lie to you that I was skeptical in acquiring this particular title. I Kuma have been retired for a while from the COD series since Black Ops was dropped and frankly it left me disappointed because it felt like the reverted again using a history subject which is too touchy. In my opinion I felt the series grew when they finally did a few things.

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