Why Diablo 3′s Real Money Auction House is a Bad Idea

Adriaan N.

Despite much of the excitement over Diablo 3′s real money auction house (that has been delayed several time since launch), developer Blizzard Entertainment is overlooking just how detrimental the idea can be to the title’s lifespan for players willing to invest their hard-earned cash into the game after the initial $60 price tag. While I, too, was initially very excited about the prospect of additional cash showing up in my bank account simply by playing Diablo 3, I began to think about the impact such a feature could have on the longevity of the title.

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richierich2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

The only thing that puts me off the Auction House is the listing fees of each item especially if your in game item doesnt sell thats the same as gambling

mrkeith2334d ago

Its a bad idea cause i will make millions :P