Official Devil May Cry 4 English Site Launched: Demo Coming January 31, 2008

onAXIS: "The official English website for Capcom's upcoming title, Devil May Cry 4. The game is coming out in February 2008, and it's just about time for the site to let loose.

The new website reveals that the online Devil May Cry 4 demo is coming the the PLAYSTATION Store and Xbox Live Marketplace on January 31, 2008. Those expecting tomorrow, you can stop now."

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Darkiewonder4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

That answers one question. But Will Japan get it first or the same day though? I'm pretty sure since the game is out in their region Jan 31st. I expect it to come out next week :o

@White-Sharingan. Gold members will get it the same day PSN users get it. But who will be playing the demo first? Of course Gold Live Members will with their proprietary download. you know you're going to wait to download... then install. just to play it :3

NovusTerminus4665d ago

Dang. I knew it was coming out then already. I got a small inside tip on the Capcom forums.

White-Sharingan4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Interesting, XBL users need to wait for the PSN version to arrive considering its Thursday

or you can see it as PSN finally getting better <3

anyways ill download this on both my 360 and PS3, but ill definately get this for PS3, the superior version <3
Rumble, Sixaxis, No load Times, better controls, etc <3

06-07 was the year of 360
08 is the year of PS3
2001 is the year of the wii, oh wait... (yes I do have a wii, mint condition, with some dust, lol)

DarkSidePlay4665d ago

Another great lineup for PS3 for 08'

Sony will rock this year, the lemmings will probably end up buying a PS3

face it

Ps3 is #2 in japan
#2 in Europe
whats left? NA

just a few adjusments till it warms and accepts it :)

AngryHippo4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

what is wrong with people on this site, both versions are identicle. The only difference is the control pad.....nothing else. I'm sure there are pleanty of people in the world that are satisfied with their 360 purchase and will be enjoying this game upon its release on the 360. FANBOYS....SUCK! EDIT....comment was aimed at White-sharingan.

Iron Man 24664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

DMC4 on the PS3 will have ZERO load times,repeat ZERO load times,oh and before you say it you can always delete the saved data or upgrade your HDD hardrive

Anyways,I can't wait to download the demo next week,and pick up DMC4 for my PS3 next month!:D

Snukadaman4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

But its held back until the ps3 can catch up...another example of the ps3 slowing games down for both consoles......disagree is too the right sony droids...

@scottie...your dumb...look at gta 4 as a example of ps3 slowing games down....devil may cry was slown down from the development of xbox 360..its common knowledge that xbox gets demos first....please dont be a know exactly what i mean.

MikeGdaGod4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

how is the PS3 slowing anything??? it comes out when they (Capcom) want it to

try again

@ the sh!thead above........GTA!!! you're trying to bring GTA in this?!

GTA was having issues on both systems and looked rough on the clips i've seen from the 360 build. the devs themselves said the 360 not having a HDD was a big problem. try again goofy

and should get demos first on 360, you pay for them. i just get them free off the PSN.

Skerj4665d ago

To add to what scottie said, the game was developed first on PS3. They hadn't even started the 360 version when it was announced. So in this case, we shouldn't get into a pointless argument over "who's holding back who" because you'll never know who's wrong. Besides it doesn't matter, no one's getting the demo until the 31st anyway.

bootsielon4665d ago

Xbox LIVE is having problems. Did you selectively forget that, moron?

Snukadaman4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Been playing all day....and scottie you can live in denial forever...gta was delayed because of the have been here on n4g for awhile now and seen the stories..dont play dumb..unless you are dumb and then i apologize ...

@skerj it was never confirmed or denied that the ps3 was too blame skerj..but most of the trailers were from the xbox 360 right..and gameplay was running off xbox 360s...thats my opinion and its only obvious you have yours but theres more evidence of the ps3 too be too blame then not.

@skerj..we agree too have your points and I have mines...both are valid at this point... but my first point was about the demo of devil may cry being delayed for the xbox 360 and that moron scottie thought i meant the game...a little reading helps for some people... and about your article was in may 07 when that problem was brought up...didnt they state that a hdd would be needed..and lets be real here...I dont know no one that owns a xbox 360 and doesnt have a have too be a moron too not want too keep your game saves,games you buy on xbox live and demos on a memory have too be some osrt of nut too go with that option.

Skerj4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Dude GTA4 was delayed because the game was NOT ready. You're going off of speculation and crap some "analyst" conjured up. They've mostly showed the 360 builds and it had quite an inconsistent framerate, do some research you'll see that I'm right.

Hell even the latest trailer which we're told is running ingame (Rockstar doesn't do otherwise) has a choppy framerate. Of course you can prove us all wrong by showing proof from someone from Rockstar or TakeTwo (i.e. NOT Michael Pachter) that says otherwise.


You're right, they have been showing it off on 360. And it was still choppy, that's what I was saying all along. The game just wasn't ready man, both systems had their hurdles to overcome and it wasn't just a simple portjob this time. From what they've been saying it's apparently being built from the ground up on both systems.

Here ya go: http://www.computerandvideo...

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