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GP: "In this modern age of gaming we've been going through quite an interesting horror resurgence. We've seen many games try to take the genre down the path of action-centric stories and only now are stating to see a return to form. There's certainly nothing wrong with a horror game focused on action, but to really dig back into survival horror's roots it seems that the goal should be to bring the focus back to horror and surviving. Games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent have done well and now we've got Lone Survivor attempting to also give players a real horrific experience. The question is - does it deliver or is it just more of the same?"

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strangelove2333d ago

I've played a few of these pixel horror games. It is more about the sounds than it is about the graphics. Corpse Party on the PSP had perfect audio, especially the simulated surround sound.

TrendyGamers2332d ago

Corpse Party was pretty good!