Something To Be Proud Of: Deus Ex Stealth Only

A writer at explains how stealth in Deus Ex: Human Revolution was amazing and provides some tips on how to do it yourself.

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MattyG2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

I really want to platinum this game now, I love finishing a game and feeling like i actually accomplished something.

KwietStorm2334d ago

If you find any "corpses" early on in the game, I think in the motor city ballers alley, with the skull icon for deceased, don't pay any attention to it. Its a glitch that I don't believe was ever fixed.

MattyG2334d ago

Thanks for the heads up

Trenta272334d ago

Beat it first time with all stealth, no kills, no alarms, on hard. It was one of the most intense things I have ever done.

RufustheSage2334d ago

First time all Stealth, no kills, felt damn good. Almost got all the trophies on my first try, love this game.

ninjahunter2334d ago

I tried going all stealth, its very difficult, Alot of quick saving if you know what i mean.

Right now im trying a stealthy assassin style play through, I find it more enjoyable than a pure stealth, This game does a really good job of adapting to what players want to do.

Clayman2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

no kills, no alarms here as well. I actually didn't try doing the no alarm one so I was positively surprised when I got the achievement.

If you're gonna try no kills make sure you don't kill anyone in the prologue.