Download Online Content via PC to PS3: Tutorial

This is a tutorial to show you how to download Online Content to your PS3 through your PC/Laptop. This method is safer, faster and more versatile than just downloading stuff on the PS3

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lilmetal2335d ago

Sounds like a pretty roundabout way to download large files.
It might download faster, but I'm fine with just doing it overnight, or while I'm at work, and setting the system to auto-shutdown when everything is done.

sumair12335d ago

Actually this is for people like me who don't have the luxury of fast internet

lilmetal2335d ago

But, either way, it all depends on your internet speeds.
Like I said, it might be a bit faster, but I can't imagine anything drastic.

SnakeCQC2335d ago

it is drastically faster for me the router is downstairs and my ps3 and pc is in my bedroom and because of this the ps3 downloads insanely slow or it could be because i have the fat one this basically saves me lots of time

Zha1tan2335d ago

Sony are taking the right steps in terms of console, yes they got hacked but atleast they are making their console more open to connect with the PC of all things.

While microsoft....."steam is a security risk"