DOOM 3: The packshots of the BFG Edition

All three packshots of the DOOM3: BFG Edition.

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OneAboveAll2334d ago

Uh... A little late don't you thin iD?

Eiffel2334d ago

Can't knock Doom. I lost my old PC copy a while back. I'll pick this up.

b_one2334d ago

how low you can fall ID Software...

ThatEnglishDude2334d ago

I loved Doom 3 but this just seems rather...late, pointless and comes off as a desperate attempt to grab some cash and try to wash away the bad taste in everyone's mouths that was 'RAGE'. id Software were one of my favorite developers, have an incredible history and pioneered the FPS genre into popularity, but this is just bad.

Not to mention this doesn't really look any better than the original version, and it certainly won't look better than PC version. Especially not after modders have had..what, 8 years to make the engine look good?

I'd rather take a teaser of Doom 4 over this 8-9 year old re-release.

b_one2334d ago

actually Carmack said it is impossible to make Doom on Amiga computers, fans did it, also with Quakes...

so now it is only cash jump...

ThatEnglishDude2334d ago

Not sure how anyone could possibly disagree with this, but heh..

moho-foe2334d ago

I thought this was going to be a download not boxed retail product how much are they going to charge?

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The story is too old to be commented.